Preview: 'The Crow' remake

Anxieties rise to the surface from long time fans of the original movie, will this remake do justice to the first? Or will it be one to forget?

Sophie Austen
2nd April 2024
Image Source: IMDb
Thirty years after the release of the 1994 cult classic, the trailer for the upcoming remake of The Crow has landed and it is safe to say that it has certainly ruffled some feathers… 

Aside from its undeniable magnetism and style, The Crow (1994) gained renown, of course, for a much darker reason. Lead actor Brandon Lee was tragically killed during the film’s production by a faulty prop shotgun at the age of just 28. Despite this, the film was finished using special effects and stunt doubles and has since become a cult classic. With Lee’s untimely death and legendary portrayal of Eric Draven, a remake has always felt a little macabre. 

The upcoming 2024 remake of The Crow will mark the latest instalment in this franchise. This year’s remake has not been plain sailing, to say the least – it has been in the works for over 15 years and has seen an ever-changing ensemble of directors, writers, producers, and cast members.  

raised concerns for fans of the original due to stark differences in tone and changes in character design

Ghost in the Shell (2017) and Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) director Rupert Sanders has taken the reins of the unstable project. The lead role of Eric Draven has been snagged by Bill Skarsgård, who has become well-known for his unsettling roles. Singer-songwriter FKA Twigs will act alongside him as Draven’s fiancé Shelley Webster.  

The new trailer has raised concerns for fans of the original due to stark differences in tone and changes in character design. The dark city, the rain, the grit, the gothic atmosphere was a character in its own right – something that appears to be lacking in this divisive trailer. Many viewers also flag that Bill Skarsgård's version of the character bears almost no resemblance to Lee's portrayal. 

We can only hope that this isn’t just another soulless Hollywood remake, and with an actor as talented as Skarsgård taking on the lead there may yet be potential. Regardless, if nothing else good comes from the trailer, at least it has hopefully encouraged viewers to go back and watch the timeless original. 

The Crow lands in cinemas on 7th June. 

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