Preview: The Gentlemen TV series

The Gentlemen is coming to the small screens

Kaitlyn Maracle
14th October 2020
Guy Ritchie’s smash hit action-comedy, The Gentlemen (2020), is due to be given the silver screen treatment, all thanks to Miramax. 

The Gentlemen (2020) was the first films I saw this year, and it quickly became one of my favourites. Packed with a stellar cast (which in my humble opinion no one asked for) and hilarious offbeat humour, the film seemed to be pretty much a guaranteed success. Banking over $100 million at the box office, many wondered what was next for Ritchie’s newest project. 

Turns out, production giant Miramax saw the potential in the backstabbing comedic drama of the plot line, so much so that they’re planning on a TV series. 

Matthew McConaughey in The Gentlemen (2020), Credit: IMDb

Guy Ritchie will be returning to direct, alongside Matthew McConaughey, who will be reprising his role as the American kingpin Mickey Pearson. It is unknown if any fellow stars will be returning to their roles. 

Many viewers and critics found The Gentlemen to be cringeworthy, crude and crass in its comedy and visual techniques, but I for one disagree completely. The humour is funny and imaginative, especially when we’re guided through the film by Hugh Grant’s quirky and surreal narration. 

The only common critique of the film that I do agree with, and hope the TV show does away with, is the number of weirdly placed and uncomfortable racial jokes. 

There are so many directions the show could go in

I’m very excited to see where Miramax decide to go with a sequel, and even more so that the original director, Ritchie, and McConaughey are set to return. There are so many directions in which this series could go, especially since Pearson’s character still hasn’t managed to sell on his drug empire. A number of questions remain unanswered, which fans are hoping will be answered. 

Hugh Grant, Credit: IMDb

My big question has got to be is Fletcher even telling the truth? Due to an unreliable narrator, the viewer is often left unsure as to whether Fletcher is telling the truth. On more than one occasion he is caught lying about what ‘happened’, so is any of this real? Or just a story Fletcher is pitching to some Hollywood big-shots? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon. 

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