Preview: The Politician season 2

Ryan Murphy's got more up his sleeve for season two of the Politician, Harriet Metcalfe discusses what to expect

Harriet Metcalfe
21st May 2020
Credit: Youtube
Season one spoilers ahead!
"I promise to promise you everything." said Payton Hobart. But after he lost the treasured student-body president position, has he lost his political aspirations? Cue season two of The Politician.

The first season released last year was something I'm not sure many of us were expecting. Created by Ryan Murphy, it saw Ben Platt of Dear Evan Hansen musical fame play a high-schooler who's dream was to be the President of the United States. His mum was Gwyneth Paltrow, Bette Midler cropped up along the way and there were some musical numbers. It was organised chaos and I absolutely loved it.

Although Payton was forced to resign as student-body president at the end of season one, his career aspirations aren't lowering in the slightest. The final episode saw him three years later, having scoped out personal details on senator Standish (Judith Light), he decides to run - using the gossip to his advantage. This season will see him on the campaign trail against Dede, whilst his mother has plans of her own to upstage him... maybe by revealing her new line of "Gloop" products? We'll have to see.

A lot happened in season one and I'm not sure they can just move on and forget about it

Credit: IMDb

Whilst I love the introduction of these new characters - I do kind of want to see the ramifications of Payton's high-school political career. What happened to Skye? Will Standish use Payton's background against him? A hell of a lot happened in season one that I'm not totally sure they can just move on and forget about this season.

Ultimately, the end goal of all of this has to be his run for President. But according to Ryan Murphy, that might be a little while. "He considered not releasing the third season for a few years, possibly setting Payton up for a presidential run" (Entertainment Weekly). With Platt only 26 - and making me question just how much I'm doing with my own life - it would make sense to wait a little while until he's older.

One thing's for sure, Payton isn't 'Waving through a Window' anymore.

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