Pub experience post lockdown

Laura J. Williams shares her post-lockdown pub experience

Laura J. Williams
25th July 2020
Alexander Koch Pixabay

The pub experience post-lock-down is... different to say the least, and as an employee at a once club and now 'pub' I have first-hand experience of these changes that is past the views of just the customer. Yes, there are differences, yes, they are frustrating at times, but they are there for our safety and the safety for those we care about.

So, the rules of the pubs post lockdown? Well, you may know them already, but briefly:

  1. Only two households for any indoor gathering.
  2. It is discouraged to order via the bar unless unavoidable, but never drink at the bar (not even a cheeky shot sadly). So, table service is optimal, and besides, who doesn't like being waited on every so often, especially after months of serving our own drinks.
  3. No shouting or chanting (if it can pass body fluid to someone not in your two household groups, it's probably not advised).
  4. Track and Trace. You'll be good as long as one member of the group can remember their phone number.
  5. SoCiaL DiStaNCinG. 2 meters is key. 1 is a squeeze.

With all these rules and measures in place, it really seems like going to a pub will be no fun at all, I mean, as students one of the main goals tends to be exchanging fluids with strangers. However, I can assure you that after so much solitude, having a drink in a place that isn't your living room, with sounds that aren't your housemates or parents, and music that doesn't have Spotify ads (yes, I am that cheapskate that doesn't pay for Spotify Premium), even a socially distant pub is better than no pub at all.

Dan Burton Unsplash

I must however point out and address articles that you may have seen stating that these pubs are 'absolute madness.' Sure, there may be a few that are flouting the rules, so, please be careful and look for places you and your party feels comfortable with. For instance, if you are told to sit with a party that isn't your own, or see queues that are out of control, maybe avoid it and try somewhere that you would trust. Just keep in mind, 'would I trust my beloved grandparent here?', if the answer is no, then avoid and try somewhere else.

So when you are in a pub or restaurant, remember, by following the rules you are keeping that business in business. You are ensuring jobs and people and allowing them to avoid feeling stir crazy on furlough. And speaking for myself, as a student writing her dissertation in near isolation, even a little job is a full necessity for sanity. But, this is far more important, of course, for those who will rely on these jobs for the near and distant future.

So, stay distant, stay safe, have fun.

Anushu A Unsplash

P.S. Bring and use hand sanitizer. If you've touched something, likelihood someone else has too.

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