Putting on a pole-ished performance: NUPAC Christmas showcase

An insight into what went down at the NUPAC showcase

Gabbi De Boer
12th December 2022
Image Credit: Gabbi de Boer
As the year draws to an end and Christmas comes closer, there was only one thing on the Pole and Aerial club members’ minds - their Christmas showcase.

Held every year, it gives members an opportunity to show their incredible strength and talent in a relaxed setting. This year’s show was no exception.

Kicking off the show, viewers bared witness to group performances. Opening with a duet to ‘Do I Wanna Know?’, beginners Katie and Hannah put on a simple but sexy performance, giving just a taste of what the rest of the show had to offer.

Following this were two film-inspired pieces - one inspired by Magic Mike, the other a recreation of Mean Girls’ ‘Jingle Bells Rock’. To the tune of Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’, Millicent, Rachel and Alex put on an entertaining, acrobatic routine, with just the right balance of comedy and stunts. After this, whilst putting the audience in a Christmassy mood, Holly, Ruby and Ilsa’s Mean Girls inspired performance kicked the showcase into full swing.

It was at this point in the show that the solo performances began, and we got to see some stunning displays of strength and expertise. Beginners Lydia and Jessica opted for slower-paced performances, with the music perfectly reflecting the thoughtful choice of movements and choreography to capsulate what they had learned in their short time with the club. Castor chose ‘Breakfast’,  a more punchy, rebellious tune, and filled her performance with mesmerising spins. These routines closed off the first section of the show. 

the performers swung themselves around the poles effortlessly

After each interval, the wonderful host and natural entertainer Ella Pie entertained the crowd by putting some of the guests in the hotseat. One particular highlight was asking someone their relationship to one of the performers, to which they replied, ‘situationship;' something we can all agree was very bold! It was refreshing to hear Ella’s hilarious quips and introductions to each performer, and it was clear that they both loved being part of NUPAC and hosting the showcase. 

Following the short break were some intermediate performers, who made each move look easy. Ruby began this section with Avicii’s ’Feeling Good’, bringing together a mixture of floor choreo and pole tricks that gained momentum as the music kicked in.

Following this was a standout performance of the night by Meg, who tapped into the spirit of Beetlejuice, bringing energy and vibrancy to ‘The whole being dead thing’. Polly then showcased her incredible flexibility in her routine to the song ‘Fly me to the moon’, and Hermione slowed the tempo with ‘Steal’, incorporating gentle spins and poses into her routine. The final performances of this section by Emma and Lili displayed masterful poses and slick choreography, climbing the poles and transitioning into each new move with ease. 

The final section of the night saw everything turn up a notch, as the most experienced members of the club blew the audience away. These routines saw heels, drops and incredible strength as the performers swung themselves around the poles effortlessly.

Ellie’s ‘Pink Panther’ routine had everyone mesmerised, and the energy she brought to the stage really highlighted her skill. Emily’s routine to ‘Don’t blame me’ included elegant spins and precise choreography, while Shannon J and Shannon T brought out big heels and even bigger performances, illustrating their skill. Closing the show was Sara, whose routine to ‘Russian Roulette’ captivated the audience through her perfect spins and pole tricks that included a perfectly executed drop at the end. 

Overall, the performers really showed the talent this club has to offer, and beautifully demonstrated the strength and skill that can be gained from pole and aerial classes. They put their all into each routine, and it was an absolute joy to watch from start to finish. Each performer has incredible talent, and it’s exciting to see what future shows NUPAC holds. 

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