Quarantine Qrush: Valentines 2021

Your secret lockdown lovers revealed...

14th February 2021
Image: Ella Williams

Happy Valentines Day, and welcome to the first edition of Quarantine Qrush: the lockdown lovers you never told. Will your crush get to read this, or has someone else got their eye on you this Valentine’s... ?

Hophie Sicks, from the day that I send you some random letters on messenger because my hands were wet, I have fallen more and more in love with you. You are my soulmate and I couldn’t imagine anyone more chaotic than you in my life!! Although you are cursed, it’s fine because you brush your teeth with snow. I hope you enjoy something more than a blandwich the Valentine’s Day!! Love and frogs xoxox 


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
MH you’re beaut-
I’d like to boink you xxxx

Okay hello MH- if you’re reading this then you already know who it is, and if you don’t then I will cry like Eliza in the entire second act of Hamilton. On a mildly more serious note, I’m glad you accidentally sent me a random message on Facebook one day- I feel like it was fate drawing the two crackheads of The Courier together. Thanks for making this year less of a living hell, whether it is through passionate poodle discussions or watching you eat brownies on Zoom. Once lockdown is over lets get burritos and cry at Hamilton- I guess your boyfriend can join, but he would definitely be a third wheel. However, that means he would make a perfect Peggy.

To the best of wives and best of women,
Love you, miss you, lick you xx

Lady Hophie Sicks

JD in my Food Business lectures. That heart bleached hair...wow! you got us *heart eye emoji*


To JK, I've wanted to reach out to you like this since I met you those many moons ago when we were merely first years. We were just friends at first, nothing more than two people who bonded over a love for music. But as our friendship has grown, a love has blossomed inside of us both. That night down in Devon on New Years Eve 2019, when the clock hit 12:00AM and we welcomed in the new year, when you held my hand, and we looked into the stars, our sweet embrace and our first kiss. Magic. That was the moment, when I knew it, I was in love with you. Every second since that moment has been like pure gold dust. I am blessed to have you in my life.

Although 2020 was not the year we wanted it to be, thank you for being with me throughout the darkest of times. This world might be an ugly place right now, but you're so beautiful to me x

Pigeon Zee

JS and FH we have the best polyamorous bromance ever and I love you guys so much!!!

The most handsome Music editor

To my best friend. I really love you, I think we’re such a great fit together. We’re so different in appearance and manner, I’m grumpy and you’re the most optimistic and lovely person in the world. But we are so similar where it really matters. We have each other’s backs and we care about the same things. I can see myself being with you forever and I hope you feel the same way too xxx 


LT, from English - you complimented me once and I’m still not over it 🥺 you’re beautiful and seem so lovely x


TE, 2nd Year Med


ZS: the cute tall boy who wore the red jacket in econ


AG: your gelled hair helped in econ math seminars 


DY in Architecture, I like it when you unmute cuz I'm a sucker for deep voices 😂

Cute Girl in your Studio

HS, March 2nd's 1990 Garfield comic strip

Your (not so) secret admirer

OS in politics of the Middle East seminar, you are ridiculously attractive 

ME seminar

AB, Courier, u cute x


AP, supported me through my first, second and third years at uni. Life has been shit to both of us at times but thank you for always being by my side. You're cute and I want to be with you for life ❤


ZD- Brunette from 3rd Year Geography, hope you're single...


AB In European history


DT - 1st year English student. Despite your interesting WiFi you seemed so lovely 🥰


CS from law, looking fine as always 😉


PE I know you’re reading this, big TikTok crush on u.


EV on my Maths course, we’ve spoke once or twice but we should talk more 😏


Let your crush know you fancy them by filling out our form. The Courier Cupid will do the rest...

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