RAG Speed dating

Lifestyle Editors Fiona Callow and Ruth Loeffler went undercover for their first Speed Dating experience, organised by RAG for the Movember charity

7th December 2015

So Speed Dating isn’t something I’d normally contemplate as a standard Tuesday night, but anything for charity, eh? Now some of you may picture sad classroom chairs in a gloomy room with gloomy single people, but I can vouch that the RAG team completely changed this common misconception.

We asked the apprehensive daters some questions before the evening commenced. Most could be found at the SU bar, slurping up some Dutch courage with the help of th ose lethal RAG cocktails. Others were already making advances with other potential datees.

The general consensus for partaking in the Speed dating was ‘for a laugh’ or for those coy gentlemen who didn’t want to admit their intentions; ‘for charity obviously.’ Admittedly, there were also a few who ‘were roped in by their mates of the RAG committee.’

The organisers had done an amazing job of decorating the bottom floor of the SU with romantic lights, glitter and candles. Bit different from the standard set-up of Throwback - although the sound system was in full use, playing appropriately sassy songs for the event such as ‘Baby I’m Worth It.’

I’d be lying if I didn’t say we were surprised to see such a good turn-out of boys. We quizzed some Chemical Engineers on what they expected to get out of this evening. Their reply;- ‘Does anyone really expect anything from Speed Dating? But I did hear that last year everyone got drunk, went to Sinners and then all got with each other! Basically a real-life Tinder.’

RAG managed to raise £598.50 at their Speed Dating event, which is more than double last years figure of  £245.90

We asked how some Marine Biologists would approach the girls at the start of the date. One replied ‘nervously... and [whilst taking a big sip of cocktail] increasingly drunkenly.’

We asked some girls specifically why they came to the event. They replied ‘we thought it would be a laugh and we’re all recently single so... desperate times call for desperate measures... We’re in our last year of uni, we’re never going to be single of us together again so why not!’

We asked; what do you want to get from the two minutes with your date?’

They replied (joking) ‘we’ll just be trying to get their facebook names... and their numbers! Probably end up sounding like we have Tourette’s... and being like MARRY ME.’

Keeping it cool gals.

After the interpid daters had a chance for a bit of a break, we asked them how it was going. The reply from the boys was ‘they’re all very nice, but you spend the whole time trying to figure out someone’s number [for the app].’

The general consensus was that the night was a complete success and ‘definitely not as awkward as I thought it would be... although that may be because everyone’s drunk.’

The idea behind the Speed Dating was that everyone had a number, so you could track down the dates that you liked by using the number on the sticker on their chest. Unfortunately for guys, staring at a girl’s chest was sometimes misinterpreted...

‘Then you get to the end of the very abrupt two minutes and then you’re like: “oh it’s lovely to meet you... umm forgotten your name.” So we’ve just started calling every girl Jess...’

Another lad told us ‘there were a lot of pre-introductions, like when you sat down and started to talk but the conversation got a bit slow, they’d bring their friend in.’

Best chat up lines of the night:

  1. What’s your safeword?

2. Are you from Ireland? Because when I see you my penis is Dublin.

3. Are you a snowflake because I keep falling for you.

4. Is that a ladder in your tights or is that a stairway to heaven?

5. Are you a banana? Because you are appealing.

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