Rage Against The Scalpers

Film Editor Joe Holloran examines if Rage are right to call out ticket touts

Joe Holloran
26th February 2020

This is a bizarre political time we live in no doubt about it. Trump, a tanned reject from The Planet of the Apes props workshop, sits in the Oval Office. At home, Boris Johnson has been re-elected & begun the process of draging the UK out of the EU.

However, every action has a reaction and now the legendary Rage Against The Machine have returned. The funk metal outfit are known for their vitriolic, passionate and angry left-wing lyrics and uncompromising commitment to their ideals. So, it should come as little surprise that, as the they prepare to play their first live shows in nine-years group, the band have announced via Instagram new measures aimed at combating the ticket scalpers. So, how are RATM planning to tackle this problem?

In recent years it has become increasingly difficult for fans to get their hands-on tickets for anticipated gigs. This is not because other eager fans got their first, but rather organized groups purchase as many tickets as they can as soon as they become available, then re-sell them closer to the date at a ridiculously inflated price to the real fans. It is this financial exploitation of their fans that the band is seeking to defeat.

According to the band more than 50% of tickets for their live shows being sold online are from scalpers. To combat this Rage are holding 10% of tickets for every show in reserve to undercut the scalpers. These tickets are sold at slightly above base value direct to fans. 100% of the extra money they make from these sales will be donated to local charities in every city they play. In addition to this long-term commitment to tackle scalpers, the band have also pledged to give all the profits from their first three tour shows to immigration charities.

So far, the plans seem to be working with the group announcing that $3 million has been raised for charity through the reserving of tickets to be sold direct to fans for a slightly higher price. Guitarist Tom Morello announced that “85% of Rage scalpers have been stopped” but that more work is needed to combat the rest.

The first US shows of the tour will take place in towns and cities along the US-Mexico border, in between headlining sets at the Coachella festival in the Californian desert. the UK the band will headline the legendary Reading & Leeds festivals in August, despite the protestations of some festival goers who claim the band are not “Big enough” to headline.

For those of you who do appreciate the band, be sure to buy your tickets from trusted, official sources and get your self down to the show and show your support. Rage haven’t released an album of new material since 1999, yet despite this, their music remains, and will continue to be, vital as long as our political leaders are the worst of us.

Full Rage Against The Machine tour dates available below. The only shows currently listed for the UK are at the Reading & Leeds Festival on the weekend of August 28th - 30th 2020.


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