Ramble through Shambles

Yani Siskartika describes her trip to York to destress during the assignment period.

Yani Siskartika
22nd February 2021
Multiple lockdowns seem to have been just a part of daily routines nowadays. In between, I got used to happily locking myself behind the window of my room, in a fluffy, warm and flattering blanket, sipping a hot chocolate, even before the pandemic. During the uncertainty, leaving the city for a travel after multiple lockdowns, was not a long-awaiting day either.

I had been spending my days at home, without even the slightest curiosity that drags myself out for testing the water, I mean, walking outside, checking out the public transport during the travel window. As happy as I enjoyed staying home for the essays too, I had never wanted a break, nor a short escape from the thought of the project deadline. 

Wait. I lied. As much as I was keen on breathing the fresh air, I had a craving for vegan food and a hot cappuccino outside the city. So I decided to walk, despite it was getting cold with a feel like under 3oC that Saturday. I thought the rail station would have been packed, but it seemed normal even during peak-hour. 

Arrived in York in an hour. Walked along York Botanical Garden, York Minster, and who wouldn't stop by the Shambles? Charming atmosphere, the lights, the reflection after rain, the smell of spice-scented candle from the stall along the market, the café.. - Oh yes, I had the infamous tantalizing vegan fried chicken at Orinoco, as recommended by Lily Holbrook, one our very own science sub-editors. 

Credit: Yani Siskartika

The most spectacular thing during the day, was the blindfolded man on fire show. Not only did his attraction become the centre of attention; the way he engaged and entertained the crowd, was so warm, despite the cold weather. Sincere smile he got when pulling out the blindfold, doing his best for everyone surrounding him. 

Credit: Yani Siskartika
Credit: Yani Siskartika

Spent for almost two hours in the centre for the meals, the candle scent and the show, until the train took me back to Newcastle, and the reality: the assignment. It was a lovely day, in a what-so-called holiday. 

Credit: Yani Siskartika

A trip, is not always for sight-seeing, because I can always find a moment which perhaps, will not repeat. For me, a short escape, is "a moment of capturing a great moment".

Feature Image Credit: Wikimedia.com 

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