Ranking the best sex positions

Have you been thinking about mixing it up in the bedroom? Look no further...

Kai Palmer
15th February 2023
Image Credits: Unsplash

Thinking of changing it up a bit under the sheets? Or on the sofa. Even on the floor. Outside?

Well, it doesn’t really matter where you’re having sex, but whether you’ve got an active, healthy sex life, or you’re just thinking about it, these are the best sex positions you should try!

5. The Hook:

This one is a slight variation of the missionary position: where the person receiving raises their legs in the air and rests their legs over the other person’s shoulders. This is supposed to be amazing as it hits the G spot better. It also increases the chances of getting pregnant! So, remember protection if you aren’t ready to bring a baby into that 9:00am lecture on a Monday morning.

4. Oral sex:

Going down on someone can easily be pleasurable for all parties. As one Newcastle student put it “I just like head, because I don’t have to do anything”. However, oral doesn’t always have to be one sided, especially for those who enjoy giving it! If you feel like you’re not getting anything out of it, why not take it up a level and try 69-ing, that’s more of a win-win!

3. Countertop

Similar to the stairway to heaven position, this one makes use of a different corner of your home. Get yourself into the kitchen, one of you climbs up onto the bench, and the other stands and thrusts. Just make sure there’s no food underneath you, that sounds like a remedy for a UTI.

2. Doggy style

It’s popular for a reason! One person is on all fours, and the other is behind, going to town in them. This position allows you to be a little rougher if that’s what you like.  Unlike missionary, this position means you can’t really go in for a smooch as easily, but it can still be done.

  1. Stairway to Heaven

For this one, you simply sit on a flight of stairs. One person on top of the other’s lap. Stairs are there, we might as well start making use of them instead of just walking up and down them. If you feel a little unsteady (arguably part of the thrill), you can use the banister! I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you’re in a shared flat though, just a word of advice.

I also asked some of you what your favourite position is, and here are the best responses:

  • “I love doggy because sometimes I just don’t want to make eye contact, at least this way I can just shut my eyes and enjoy it”
  • “Hanging off the edge of the bed a little does it for me, I like my feet on the floor”
  • “I like it when it starts with a spoon and then you start shagging in that position, it’s hot but it’s romantic too"
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