Rate it or Hate It: Dog and Parrot

Our relationship sub-editor and comment sub-editor give their take on whether they rate or hate Newcastle's very own, Dog and Parrot...

Annabel Hogg
7th December 2021
Image Credit: flickr.com

Rates it:

Ah, The Dog and Parrot ­– with its 3 for £8 trebs, multitude of indie boys, and stairs that could send you to an untimely death (but that provide great anecdotes), it’s easy to see why the place is a firm favourite amongst students of the Toon.

It is the only place in Newcastle where you are guaranteed to hear at least three Arctic Monkeys songs within the hour and could start physical fights around the Blur v Oasis debate. The sticky floor, dingy toilets and neon signs that feature on almost every student’s Instagram are just one part of what makes this magnet for mullets so special.

I think the place is so famed because though it is actually called a pub, and somewhere you may go before moving onto its big brother The Cut - time seems to disappear within its walls and in my case, you may find yourself being carried home from there before 11pm. To me, it’s not a club or a pub – it’s simply a limbo space for people who should probably start using capital letters when they type, and that is the beauty of it.

Some may say that D&P is a place for people who think they’re cooler than others, and I think that’s probably true, but at least you know you won’t be forced to sing to Olivia Rodrigo five times in the same night. You can keep your Shaker and Soho, for the next year and a half you’ll find me falling down the stairs from the indie heaven of the North East.

Annabel Hogg - Relationships Sub-Editor

Image Credit: flickr.com

Hates it:

Before I dive into my reasons for hating Dog and Parrot, I will openly admit I have only been there once. Some of you would rightfully argue that going to a place once isn’t enough to decide if you hate it or not, but leave me to my irrational ways. We do not have an infinite number of days to walk this Earth, and quite frankly, walking back through those doors is low on my list.

The music is certainly a downside at D&P, more so the volume than the genre. My friends and I had managed to secure a booth while we fetched drinks (which in of itself is another reason to hate D&P – we resembled sardines in a tin being squished into that booth!). When it came to actually having a chat, we found we couldn’t since we could *barely hear ourselves think*. We gave up after two minutes and relocated outside, where we didn’t even have heating for the first 15 minutes or so.

I suppose my main reason for not wanting to return is that two or three days after my visit, I heard through the grapevine that someone had been spiked there. Some could argue this is not the fault of the venue, but indeed the current spiking culture. The Dog and Parrot openly described all of the measures in place to prevent spiking however before I heard the news, suggesting such measures aren’t enough.

Taking the above into consideration, I would not enjoy it if I went back nor would I feel safe. It therefore seems justifiable to me to hate Dog and Parrot.

Emily Kelso - Comment Sub-Editor

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AUTHOR: Annabel Hogg
she/her| second year english literature student| relationships sub-editor 21/22

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