Rate it or Hate it: Marjorie Robinson Library

Our Head of Sport discusses one of Newcastle's many libraries.

Peter Bath
17th May 2022
The Marjorie Robinson library is certainly popular with students. Image credit: Newcastle University
The (Phil) Robbo may get all the plaudits when it comes to Newcastle Uni's pantheon of libraries, but the humble Marj is the unsung hero.

As exam season hots up, so does the Phillip Robinson Library. If you're able to find a seat, you'll likely be squeezed in between other people, distracted by chatter, snacking, shuffling and noisy headphones. Not the vibe. If you're looking for somewhere else to focus without distraction, the Marjorie Robinson is your knight in red brick armour.

Four floors of pure bliss and serenity. It may not be as flashy as its namesake, and it is lacking in books, but as a study space it can't be beat. With a sea of PCs, and even more desk spaces, there's no reason not to frequent the Marj.

If you're after something a little more social, there are booths and spaces for communal working.

The Marj unjustly has a bad reputation among some students. "It's just a buncha f*ckin' computers" moaned one disgruntled student. But in this digital age, surely this is more useful to the average student than the labyrinth of books clogging up the Robbo.

"Once you get past the betrayal that its not really a library, I guess its OK", argued comment sub-editor Emily Kelso.

The real jewel in Marj's crown is its catering facilities. On the ground floor, you're spoilt for choice. A cafeteria selling a range of meals can fuel your studies, with a comfortable seating area and sofas. One area where the Marj excels beyond the Robbo is its coffee machine too. The reasonably priced, self service caffeine blows Philip Robinson's cafe out of the water, especially considering its available until closing time at 12, long after cafes have closed. Perfect for those late night revision sessions. Boiling and cold water taps also mean you can make your own drinks if you're organised enough to bring your own tea bags. One Marj user told Courier her peppermint tea was "soothing to her studies - and it's good because you can reuse peppermint tea bags."

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