Reality Rundown: Below Deck Mediterranean

We set sail with this show, indulging in the fancy food, the rude guests and all the drama!

Lizzie Yockney
14th November 2022
Image credit: IMDB
I can’t lie, I am a big fan of reality TV shows. Especially when I’m stressed, reality TV provides the perfect escape from whatever is weighing on my mind. So, this summer, when we were mourning the loss of our daily fix of Love Island, my flatmates and I drew up a list of all the reality shows that we wanted to binge on an evening after we’d all got home from work. And alas, we settled on Below Deck. Specifically, Below Deck: Mediterranean.

It would be no exaggeration to say that this has become a full-blown obsession. Within a few weeks, we had already binged the first three seasons that are available to watch on Netflix, and had quickly signed up for a Hayu subscription. 

The drama is non-stop, with tensions rising between crew mates who are either always fighting or getting together

Below Deck is such a cosy watch, with a reassuringly predictable format – a charter, followed by an explosive crew night out, followed by another charter, with it all taking place in a different Mediterranean destination each season. The drama is non-stop, with tensions rising between crew mates who are either always fighting or getting together. The drama isn’t just limited to below deck though, as super-rich charter guests demand the impossible and expect the most, or are just downright ridiculous (I’m looking at you, Jerry). It’s just perfect trashy TV.

Image credit: IMDB

For the most part, the crew members come and go, but there are a few constant characters who stick around each season and who you really get to know. I’ve developed a deep love/hate relationship for most of the crew, but especially Captain Sandy and Chief Stewardess Hannah, who can only be described as messy in the best way.

It’s just perfect trashy TV

All in all, I would highly recommend Below Deck: Med. for all of its drama, which is set to the backdrop of the beautiful Mediterranean. So, here’s to watching the rest of Below Deck (that includes the original series, Down UnderSailing Yacht and the weirdly named, Adventure) and dropping out of uni to join the yachting industry (jokes).

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