Reasons to visit Ladakh, India

Tanay Srivastava details all the reasons to why travellers should visit the northernmost part of India - Ladakh.

Tanay Srivastava
3rd June 2020
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India is lucky enough to have some of the finest tourist destinations which unfortunately many international travelers might not be aware of. India is broken into 29 states in eight union territories, and each state has its own culture, beauty, and festivals. However, I would like to talk specifically about the northernmost part of India – Ladakh.
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Ladakh has always been a hidden gem for international travelers. It is located in the uppermost part of India, joining its border with China. Regardless of international travelers, there are also a lot of domestic tourists who visit Ladakh during the months of May, June, and July as Ladakh is only open for that period due to its weather.

But the most adventurous task for tourists is reaching Ladakh.  Ladakh is quite famous for its road trip - most people opt for a road trip to Ladakh from Srinagar. It’s a 500km drive from Srinagar to Leh and is a great scenic route. However, it is very challenging for drivers, as there are rough roads and it requires great driving skills. An alternative way to reach Ladakh is via flight from big cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

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Apart from the scenic beauty, Ladakh is also very famous for its monasteries, Pangong Lake and wonderful trekking routes. There are also a number of festivals that are celebrated in the territory but the most famous is the Saka Dawa Festival, which is celebrated in the month of June. The history behind that festival is that it is said to be the birth, death, and enlightenment of Lord Buddha in the same month, hence June is a very special month for the Buddhist culture.

In conclusion, I would thoroughly recommend visiting Ladakh for its unimaginable beauty and challenges.

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