Recreating Pizza Express’ hidden delicacy: the Pollo Pesto

Missing your restaurant favourites? Lottie Wright shares her experience in recreating the staple Pizza Express Pollo Pesto at home

Lottie Wright
10th February 2021

As the desperate urge to wine and dine looms evermore for the British public, ‘Eat out to Help out’ has increasingly surpassed Britain’s homes and into their kitchens. Alongside the novelty of restaurant home kits, the excitement in experimenting with Britain’s most loved restaurant recipes at home adds to the numerous lockdown trends unveiled over the last year. 

Consequently, each week, my housemates and I have attempted the challenge to recreate our restaurant cravings. This week presents, the Pollo Pesto. 

Image: Lottie Wright

Arguably, as every millennial’s favourite nostalgic restaurant, Pizza Express’ genericness and familiarity is just the comfort we need as we continue to plough through months of returning lockdowns, and subsequently the novelty of ‘going out’. Covering the breadths of the carb kingdom, the restaurant has been dropping their most favoured recipes to ensure its loyal fans continue to enjoy their renowned menu. 

According to Pizza Express’ socials, this particular recipe was requested ‘in its thousands’, and after a somewhat successful attempt, I can completely understand why. What has been defined as a ‘creamy, pesto glory’, the Pollo Pesto dish is undoubtedly up there with the likes of Wagamama’s Katsu Curry or McDonald's Big Mac. However basic that may sound.

Image: Lottie Wright

But, can this pesto staple ever taste the same when you’re eating it within the never-ending sight of your four walls, beside your pants on the radiator, and surviving your third Zoom pub quiz of the week? The answer is yes, you absolutely can. What's more, you can certainly go to Pizza Express and not order pizza or even the infamous dough-balls. We discovered a new comfort meal, the perfect weekday dinner, and a great alternative to the measly Shepherd’s Pie.

Under Pizza Express' new Cook At Home section, you too can recreate their Pollo Pesto; or they have also shared other recipes, such as their dough balls, and popular pizza dishes. This can be found here:

Reflecting back on our Pollo Pesto, when making this at home, sack off infusing the milk with onions and whack in a bit more cheese, mozzarella or parmesan and you’re giving Pizza Express a run for their money. 

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