Refreshing showcase of clubs and societies

Erin Holley refreshes our memory with this recount of the Refreshers' Fair

Erin Holley
20th February 2018
NUSU Activities Officer Rebecca Bainbridge organised the event | Image: NUSU

Refreshers Fair, which took place last Tuesday, was a fantastic opportunity to have another look at the various sports clubs and societies that Newcastle University has to offer.

This was particularly helpful for those who may have missed the initial Freshers Fair back in September, or for people who chose not to sign up for any societies or clubs and are starting to feel bored with the lecture, work, Netflix or sleep cycle.

Actually having the opportunity to chat with members of the club or society can  really help give a flavour of what taking part would involve.

160 societies on offer for students by Newcastle University Students' Union

I am always very impressed by the number of different activities and societies that are available, and although the fair was rather dominated by sports clubs, there was also a great deal of opportunities catering towards students who aren’t as interested in team sports or fitness.

The University has various political societies that are extremely important in getting younger people interested and active in politics, as well as societies that focus on pressing social issues such as the Sexpression society, who promote the importance of sex education is schools and colleges.

The fair was helpful to revisit some of the societies that didn’t appeal to me so much at the beginning of the year. Also  several new societies and clubs have been founded since September, so the fair was the perfect chance to gain new exposition.

Having the opportunity to chat with members of the club or society can really help give a flavour of what taking part would involve

Several clubs and societies are again offering taster sessions in lieu of the Refreshers Fair, so students can feel free to try their hand at any intriguing activity without the pressure of having to pay for membership immediately.

Though it can be quite overwhelming to be asked if you are interested in so many different clubs and societies, overall the fair was a success.

Refreshers’ Fair was a great showcase of the many different activities that go on within the University.

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