REVIEW: A Seventh Comedy Night That Passes The Bechdel Test @ Alphabetti Theatre

Charlotte Boulton reviews the female oriented comedy night

Charlotte Boulton
19th February 2018

Comedy is a rather male-dominated field of entertainment, and it’s always refreshing to see some comedy that goes against this. This comedy night celebrated its birthday after a year of production, the brainchild of Liberty Hodes and Lauren Stone. They are two women in their 20s, and they are hilarious. The best double act you’ve seen since Ant and Dec (and maybe even better), they carried the show with brilliant awkward pauses and jokes that verged on ridiculous. The show began with a literal slice of toast being raised, and that set the tone for the night.

The night featured four performers alongside the hosts. The only male performer of the night, Ben Lowes-Smith, followed Lauren’s excellent introductory set. He gifted a DVD about trains to an audience member, with no explanation; I enjoyed the almost nonsensical style of his performance and general weirdness. He was followed by Jenni McDermott, a comedic poet who wrote about her love of her cat, onions and easy peel fruit. Her short, fun poems were intersected by her own entertaining commentary. She ended her set by encouraging the audience to harmonise on the happy birthday song for the show, and led us to the interval feeling excited for more.

Katherine Tanny and Catherine Scott followed the interval, both with brilliant performances discussing everything from christenings to diabetic comas. Lindsay was the final performer of the night, and possibly my favourite. Her eclectic collection of bits was begun by walking across the stage in various outfits to ‘There She Goes’ – as funny as it was bizarre. The best way to describe the show is eclectic, fun, and lighthearted.

The next show will be at the Alphabetti Theatre in 30th March, and I encourage everyone to pick up a ticket and go along for a hilarious, strangely intriguing show!

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