Review: Aggretsuko S3

Sophie Hicks reviews the latest season of the hit Netflix Original anime series

Sophie Hicks
2nd September 2020
Credit: Netflix on Youtube
Who ever thought that a TV show based around the life of an anxious red panda who hates her office job, but loves death metal, would be so good? A new season of the Netflix Original made by Sanrio (yes, the Hello Kitty brand, Sanrio) was recently released, but was the third season the charm? Spoilers incoming!

In short: this season took a turn with its plot, and I loved it.

Credit: IMDb

If you aren't aware of Aggretsuko, known as Retsko in the show, I really recommend it for anyone who wants 15-minute episodes of pure enjoyment. You laugh, you cry, you get severely invested in the storylines- it's a good time all around. The first season really focused on the gimmick of 'red panda hates her office job, loves death metal karaoke' and the second season focused on her life, and the heartbreaking situation of finding someone you love, only to have too conflicting of opinions to ever be together.

The third season took a turn and talked about...being in debt because you spent too much money on a VR virtual boyfriend game, joining an idol band in secret to repay a man whose car you crashed into, and then the trials and tribulations of being a minor celebrity? Yep. Honestly, the best season yet, in my opinion. Retsko really went through it this season. She started the season living on day-old stale bread, and ended up with a stalker who literally hospitalised her. Yeah, intense.

The tone was a lot more serious, and it meant that the other characters had a chance to shine

Credit: TonyKnockOff on Youtube

The storyline was gripping, and I ended up watching all the episodes back-to-back. Not only was the plot interesting, but the show did a lot more with its supporting characters. Instead of focusing on the comedic aspect of Retsko's personality, the tone was a lot more serious, and it meant that the other characters had a chance to shine.

In particular, I loved that Haida had his own story arch. He's always been a fan favourite, so I'm glad that they developed his character by giving him a love triangle- does he love Retsko or Inui? Through this, you can see just how much he loves Retsko, and ends up being there when she needs him the most. Whether they end up together or not, they have a strong bond and know that they'll always be there for each other. Oh, and finding out that Haida can also death metal scream by having a sing-off with Retsko was incredible to watch.

The show takes a dark turn when it deals with hate and aggressive stalkers

Credit: Netflix, Youtube

It was also nice to see Retsko join the idol band and realise where her passion lies. When she said she finally got her first paycheque that she felt like she earned, I teared up a little because I was genuinely that happy for an animated red panda. Oh, and the songs that the idol band sang had no right to be as catchy as they were, they're gonna be on repeat in my mind for a while. However, the show didn't glorify the life on the stage at all. Yes, Retsko felt a purpose from it, but the show takes a dark turn when it deals with hate and aggressive stalkers. I genuinely wasn't expecting the show to go in that direction, but they really went for it.

All in all, season three had fewer gimmicks, more story and character development. I loved it. Season two was the worst season in my opinion (but still entertaining to watch), but season three really showed the potential that Aggretsuko has.

With a dramatic finale and an open-ended closing sequence, who knows what'll happen next for the show? Whatever it is, I'll be sure to watch it.

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AUTHOR: Sophie Hicks
Former TV Sub-Editor for The Courier and BA Media Communication and Cultural Studies graduate

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