Review: Big Brother 2018: Year of the Woman

Laura Bolden comments on the latest (and very political) series of Celebrity Big Brother, subtitled 'Year of the Woman'.

Laura Bolden
12th February 2018
Image: YouTube

Society today has become undeniably politicised. With important conversations occurring in every part of life, it was no surprise when Celebrity Big Brother announced this series would focus on Women’s rights to celebrate 100 years since women were given the right to vote.

Starting the series with a mix of strong women from every area of the public realm meant we were instantly watching intellectual discussions that covered everything from equality to sexual harassment. It has been refreshing. We watch reality television for mindless entertainment but this series has introduced important topics into public discussion, and there is no denying that has been a good thing.

For me, it has been Shane J, or Courtney Act when she is in drag, that has made this series. Ok, I might be bias due to my love for Ru Pauls Drag Race, but there is no denying that his ability to educate other housemates whilst still having fun is amazing. The editors of this series have been part of a complete injustice by painting him as a villain for confronting Anne Widecombe’s often old fashioned and ridiculous views. It isn’t often that you see a drag queen challenge an ex politician for their views and I am glad that the producers have made this possible.

The editors of this series have been part of a complete injustice by painting him as a villain for confronting Anne Widecombe's often old fashioned and ridiculous views

Others have been involved of course: Jess has discussed her decision not to vote in the Brexit referendum, while India brought to the forefront the anxieties of living as a trans-woman. People of all ages, races, sexualities and genders have been able to relate to some part of the series which has rarely been possible in past series.

With the same fun we see in other series of Big Brother, this series has been in touch with real issues and that’s what makes it stand out from previous runs.

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