Review: Big Mouth Season 4

Harry Linley shares her thoughts and opinions on the latest season of Netflix Original Big Mouth

Harry Linley
9th December 2020
This season, Emmy-nominated Big Mouth continues to disgust, amuse and tackle serious issues with class. Adding Seth Rogan, John Oliver and Lena Waithe to its star-spangled cast, none of their cameo-esque child characters disappoint.
Missy finds her voice on ‘Big Mouth’ season 4
Ayo Edebiri is the new voice of Missy in Big Mouth Season 4, Credit: Netflix

A notable shake-up this season is the recasting of Missy from Episode 9 onwards, with Ayo Edebiri replacing Jenny Slate as her voice actress. The show does not hide from the reason for this change either. With Jenny Slate’s Missy openly questioning why if her mum is white and her dad is Black, she is “voiced by a white actress who’s 37 years old”.

The season is littered with unnecessary tangents

But if you thought the end of Season 3 got weirdly intense and introspective, we’ve got bad news for you. While most of the season is still the awkward coming of age stories of the characters we love, it is littered with unnecessary existential tangents. An episode set in an apocalyptic future, for example. The explanation: it was all a dream. In addition to the horror movie episode. The explanation: the kids take hallucinogens? If I wanted to watch an irritating parcel of meta, I’d have finished Season 4 of Rick and Morty. Remembering Netflix has renewed Big Mouth for 6 seasons, I can tell zombie apocalypse and time travel-themed episodes are already being written.

Maria Bamford as the Anxiety Mosquito, Credit: Netflix

In short, it felt as if Big Mouth simply lacked the confidence to stay with the pre-teen’s stories for 10 episodes. It's not as if the season was lacking on new ideas. The painfully accurate Anxiety Mosquito, Natalie’s struggle for acceptance at camp when she comes out as transgender and Andrew’s OCD to name a few.

Instead of exploring these themes further, by the end, Nick Kroll gets figuratively, and quite literally, way too far up his own ass.

Big Mouth Season 4 Trailer, Credit: Netflix on YouTube
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