Review: Blood of Zeus

Arnojya Shree reviews the new Netflix Original Series, Blood of Zeus

Arnojya Shree
9th November 2020
Despite the many efforts of my brother, anime has been something I've never been into. I tried, it just didn't happen. But if you told me that Netflix had created a new original anime series about Greek mythology…I would run towards it at the speed of Frozone (okay maybe that's an exaggeration but you get my point).
Heron and Electra in Blood of Zeus, Credit: Netflix

Blood of Zeus follows the story of Heron, the illegitimate son of Zeus, who lives on the margins of society with his outcast mother, Electra. After a battle between demons and the Amazonian warrior Alexia, Heron comes face-to-face with the truth of his heritage. Heron's confrontation with Zeus leads to the discovery of his family in Olympus. However, this also brings Hera's anger into the mix, who is bent upon taking revenge on Zeus for his infidelity. Things then spiral further as the fates of Heron and the demon-king Seraphim get twisted together. With a war between gods, demons and giants raging, the responsibility of saving Heaven and Earth fall into the young demi-god's hands.

The 8-episode series is unbelievably exciting and keeps you on the hook. This brilliant tale owes its magic to the Parlapanides brothers who are creators of the show and are the screenwriters of films like Immortals (2011) and Death Note (2017). The direction by Shaunt Nigoghossian perfectly complements the creators, giving the show a mature and reliable essence.

Zeus in Blood of Zeus, Credit: Netflix

The narrative centres its emphasis upon Gigantomachy, the battle between the Gods and the Giants. However, in this unique take on Greek mythology, Heron becomes the centre of attention and emerges as a saviour for all. This demi-god in shining armour highlights the royal qualities of undefeated courage, selflessness and a kind mortal-heart.

The slow-motion shots, character design and larger-than life landscapes repeatedly stun the eyes.

Even though Blood of Zeus tells the tales of Greek mythology, the design and direction are very anime-esuqe. The slow-motion shots, character design and larger-than-life landscapes of the Underworld, Earth and Heaven repeatedly stun the eyes. There is such an abundance of Godly and superhumanly characters in the show that just like Heron, it feels unnatural to witness the story as mere mortals. Even the narrative is majestic and worthwhile to experience, my only complaint is that it feels too patriarchal. The show has minimal and limited interaction with its female characters as opposed to its male characters. We only witness Hera, Alexia and Electra on the screen, and even then it is only briefly.

The ending comes as a shock; unanticipated and brutal, leaving you wanting for more. If you find the show as charming as I did, you could expect yourself waiting for the Fates to weave their threads and bring this mythical utopia back to us.

Blood of Zeus Official Trailer, Credit: Netflix

Featured Image Credit: Netflix, IMDb and YouTube

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