Review: Bloodshot (12A)

Eve Ducker reviews the latest comic book adaptation. Although this one ain't from Marvel or DC

Eve Ducker
23rd March 2020
I have nothing against a well-done action flick. Something simple minded that you can switch off and enjoy. This was what I was hoping for here. Adapted from a comic book Vin Diesel stars as an experimental new soldier whose blood has been injected with nanobots that make him undefeatable.

Vin Diesel plays well… Vin Diesel or a mimic of every character he has ever played. It’s nothing special but is effective in this context as he charges in an angry rage through this film. His vengeful past catches up with him as those he thought to be his allies use it to manipulate him.

Bloodshot is based on the Valiant comic book character of the same name. Image:Wikimediacommons

The comic book this was adapted from is somewhat of a fan favourite, a legacy you would hope would carry on into this film. This isn’t quite the case though with the dialogue crudely sellotaped into this film from the comic’s original story. The action sequences are effective but repetitive, proof that throwing an endless amount of money at a film doesn’t necessarily make it good. Not only this but the attempted comic relief character of the film Wilfred Wigans (Lamorne Morris) while being not funny also was stuck with a very awkward cockney accent (I think it was meant to be cockney). It got to the end with me thinking the graphic novel should have been left well alone. The core fault of the film was the mundane, predictable plot which centred around many other problems. Despite this there was a level of enjoyment at the awkward cringe of the bad acting or shots of cars being obliterated by explosions in dimly lit tunnels.

In a time of stress it’s not necessarily a bad thing to see a film crammed with expensive explosions and bizarre superheroes, just don’t bet on it changing your life.

Rating: 2/5

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