Review: Brooke Candy - Sexorcism

Lex Firth reviews the latest album from Brooke Candy, 'Sexorcism'

Lex Firth
11th November 2019
For Brooke Candy fans, it’s been a long few years. Since her appearance on the music scene in 2012, and her first major-label single release in 2014, she’s been releasing a steady stream of tracks but with no cohesive release to show for it. Sexorcism marks her long-awaited debut, following a cancelled album in 2015 and a string of independently released singles; unfortunately, it doesn’t feel worth the wait at all.

As the name suggests, Sexorcism is about one thing only - sex. A quick look at the tracklist should tell you this: tracks like 'Nymph', 'Rim' and 'Cum' set the tone for the entire release, and the vibe is very similar throughout - much to the album’s detriment. The LP’s major downfall is that it all feels incredibly one-note; every track is focused on sex (save for the uninspired empowerment anthem 'Freak Like Me', which breaks up the action halfway through), making a full front-to-back listen of the album dull, uninspired and downright exhausting at times.

There is, of course, something to be said about a female musician going independent and reclaiming her sexuality, and in that regard there are a handful of standout tracks, such as album opener 'Nymph', which offers a glimpse at Candy at her best: oozing with unbridled, ferocious seductiveness. Sadly this energy doesn’t persist, with some tracks (particularly her collaboration with Drag Race alumni Violet Chachki and Aquaria, which bears more than a passing resemblance to Madonna’s Erotica) sounding downright vulgar.

It doesn’t help that in obtaining some high-profile guest verses from artists like Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX, she’s often out-performed in her own songs. A small handful of standout moments aside, the majority of Sexorcism is an exercise in repetition; a half-baked slog that feels very at odds with the amount of time it’s been brewing.

Longtime fans will no doubt appreciate this freshman release for what it is, but for newcomers, Brooke Candy has done the impossible: she’s made sex boring.

Rating: 2/5

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