Review: Circa Waves- What's it like over there?

Emma Dawson reviews What's it like over there? the third album from British indie royalty Circa Waves.

Emma Dawson
14th May 2019
Image- Twitter- @CircaWaves

Third time's a most certainly a charm for Circa Waves, who recently released their newest
album, what’s it like over there?. Known best for their guitar fused sound that permeated their
previous two albums, their newest release has a different feel. Fans of the band’s previous two
albums needn’t feel disappointed though, the album still packs a punch.

Things get started on track two with Sorry I’m yours , a lively number that builds to a heavy chorus then into a almost hazy guitar solo that sets the album up well. After Sorry I’m Yours follows a string of equally
upbeat tracks including Times won’t change me , a soulful, almost gospel-esque track as well as
Movies and Me,Myself and Hollywood , which are both catchy and dynamic. The way we say
goodbye is quite a sentimental song for the band but it’s a sweet sounding and sanguine track
which has provided as a suitable closing song on their recent tour. Be somebody good takes us
back to the heavier and more guitar fused tracks of the band’s previous album Different
Creatures before Passport , arguably the most unexpected song of the whole album. The song
is easy-going with its use of jaunty piano and synthesizer. The album is finished up with the final
two songs Motorcade, which is arguably one of the album’s strongest songs and Saviour, a
rocky and intense ending to the album.

Overall, What’s it like over there ? captures Circa Waves at a assured and confident time in their career ; able to experiment with a new sound without diverting away for their signature feel. Now having completed a trio of albums, Circa Waves have yet again proved why they are one of the greatest bands in British Indie.


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