Review: Come Dine With Me - Champion of Champions

Come Dine With Me: Champion of Champions airs every night at 5pm for the next four weeks on Channel 4.

8th February 2016

Who doesn’t love Come Dine with Me? It captures the best parts of British culture: our sass, our cutting insults, and our aptitude for making shit food. It’s just perfect ‘morning after the night before’ TV and you know it. Dave Lamb’s soothing tones have a knack for exorcising the hangover out of me. He should probably team up with Derek Acorah.

Anyway, it’s Valentine’s Day soon, and what’s more romantic than arguments at dinner? To bring in the new year we’ve got a fresh spin on the usual Come Dine With Me formula, as Channel 4 have decided to bring the winners back and have them duke it out for your valentine viewing.

Set in a massive Derbyshire hall, the amazing voice we all love, Dave Lamb, will be bursting out of the woodwork to actually present the show on location. The format will pit the winning couples against each other as they attempt a number of challenges. The judging process staying the same, albeit changed by the addition of a set of special mystery guests to add that extra bit of pressure (spoiler: they’ll probably be F-list celebrities). The contestants will battle in daily heats and at the end of each week someone will win the coveted title of 'Champion of Champions'.

Hopefully there’ll be plenty of drama, uncooked lamb, atrocious table manners and enough controversial opinions to get your mum on Channel 4’s complaints line. I’m personally hoping that we see 'less grace and decorum than a reversing dump truck’.

Come Dine With Me: Champion of Champions airs every night at 5pm for the next four weeks on Channel 4. 

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