Review: Copycat Fragrances

Ellie James reviews a range of scents by online perfumery Copycat Fragrances.

Ellie James
17th April 2020
We all love to glam ourselves up with makeup every once in a while, and even daily makeup gives some of us that little boost of self confidence as we take on the day. But if there’s one thing which truly boosts that self esteem, it has to be spritzing ourselves with our favourite perfume. Smelling good just feels good, right?

As a student, affording the top brands would leave me living off of toast and pasta for the week. All this girl wants to do is smell good to feel good! Luckily, like a fairy godmother of perfume, Copycat Fragrances have produced beautiful near identical scents to some of the top brands. I just had to try some of their best sellers to see what the fuss was about and find out if they can transform me just like Cinderella.

Oud Wood

This is arguably my favourite scent from the three, and it’s not even just to do with the lack of hefty price tag. This one I truly couldn’t stop smelling just to get another blissfully sweet sense of awakening. In comparison to Black Orchid, this Tom Ford fragrance twin is bold, a true head-turner sure to get those around you murmuring in admiration. Spices of cardamom and pepper reach out first for that initial hit to capture the attention, before the sweeter traces of vanilla and earthy tones set in. Rather than playing the perfume game safe you’ll be playing it with confidence that demands attention in the best ways. To sum this one up: if you want a perfume which others will distinguish you by, this one hits the nail perfectly on the head.

Baccarat Rouge 540

Inspired by a scent from Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris ‘fragrances to share’, it’s not surprising why this fragrance is within the bestsellers when it really does take a mirror to MFK’S £200 scent - one I have only been lucky enough to spritz on as I browse the perfume shelves in John Lewis. The description of Eastern scents is instantly apparent, mixing perfectly the notes of jasmine and saffron before the final hit of fir and cedar wood. This beautiful aroma screams sophistication and made me feel confident and glamourous, whilst lasting for the entire day – even after a shower it lingered on my skin as I drifted off to sleep. If you are looking for a scent to make you stand out this one is for you. Think either evening wear or in the office, Baccarat Rouge 540 works for whichever you choose whilst you soak in the compliments and the glances as you walk by.

Black Orchid

I decided not to follow the crowd here, choosing a fragrance not on the best sellers list, and what a decision this was. Black Orchid is exactly what it says on the tin, so if you’re someone who likes to play it safe with their scent this one is for you. This mellow aroma isn’t too sweet or spicy, hitting just the right amount of floral to make it perfect to be worn throughout the spring months. Described as a great evening wear, I’d argue it works better for the daytime due to its gentle mix of flowery notes with that ‘heady’ feeling that makes you feel light on your feet. There’s a home comfort in this perfume that stirs up a sense of belonging and happiness that I can’t help but love, and it’s sure to define many memories of days in the sun with loved ones.  

Copycat’s Fragrances have surprised me in the best ways for their price tags which are gentler on the bank account and perfumes stronger on the nose. Each of the scents I tried mimic some of the top designer brands yet had their own distinguishable way to give you confidence. If you are a student like myself, or simply want to smell as good as those wearing the designer brands without dishing out your week's budget, I’d go and have a peek at Copycat’s list of beauties. I think I’ve found my new favourite fairy godmother of fragrances…

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