Summer round-up: Crash Team Racing - the fast and the furriest

Woah! Stacey Henley keeps us on track and up to date with this review of a classic Crash remaster.

Stacey Henley
14th October 2019
Image: IGDB
Following the success of the N. Sane Trilogy in 2017, this summer served us another Bandicoot blast from the past with Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled. The manic marsupial needs a truly ‘new’ game to officially return, but it certainly seems like Crash has been brought in from the cold.

The original Crash Team Racing had some of the tightest mechanics in kart racing history, with an easy-to-use, difficult-to-master boosting system and those turning mechanics still hold up 20 years later. Four character classes offer some variety of playstyle too, although in making Nitro Fueled more lightning paced, handling-characters like Pura have been left behind.

"The online also helps to keep Crash Team Racing alive despite some server issues."

It’s not just the original characters, tracks and adventure mode that have been lovingly recreated, but those of the sequel, Nitro Kart, have as well!

Despite bringing no extra narrative, these additions add more depth, offering character variety and extra tracks that keep the relatively short game from going stale. The online also helps to keep Crash Team Racing alive despite some server issues. Nonetheless, this is clearly a game made for multiplayer and so the wait times are worth it.

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AUTHOR: Stacey Henley
Stacey Henley can most often be found roaming through vivid expansive spaces and discovering the world around her, but only in video games. In real life, she mostly stays home. Blog at Tweet at @FiveTacey. Published in TechRadar & WhatCulture

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