Review: Drag Race S12 double premiere

Ruby Osborne takes a look at the latest Drag Race premiere, with a Ruvealing twist in the format

Ruby Osborne
15th March 2020
Credit: VH1 Youtube
Inspired by the success of Season 6, RuPaul’s Drag Race brought out the old favourite of a double first episode, splitting the cast into two halves to be introduced over two weeks. Not only does this give the season a longer run time, but it’s beneficial from the audience’s point of view too, as we get to know the cast so much better.

The producers also took a leaf out of Season 7’s book with the spring and fall fashion show mini-challenge. Although nothing can ever compare to Violet Chachki’s iconic two-in-one fall plaid jumpsuit, Gigi Goode’s spring biker and fall BDSM jockey looks came close, which earned her a place in the top two of her episode, competing against Widow Von’du. As another callback, there was no lip sync for your life, but instead, one for your legacy, inspired by All Stars. Let’s hope that that doesn’t stay for the entire season.

Asa Butterfield lookalike, Aiden Zhane.
Credit: VH1 on Youtube

Episode 2 had the exact same layout as episode 1, which may have been fairer, but wasn’t necessarily the most interesting for viewers. This was especially due to the episode 2 queens being significantly less interesting than the episode 1 girls (with the exception of Jan), and their song having much less energy. Maybe Aiden Zhane’s uncanny similarity to Sex Education’s Asa Butterfield also through me off. Episode 2 ended with an unoriginal tulle runway that saw Jaida Essence Hall and Sherry Pie in the top two. Thankfully, Jaida’s incredible talent saw her rise above Sherry’s immature comedic take on Robyn’s seminal classic ‘Call Your Girlfriend’, to take home the $5000 tip.

I think season 12’s cast is impressive with its seriously talented queens

Despite the controversy regarding accusations against Sherry Pie catfishing men, she hasn’t been edited out of the season, even though she will not be appearing in the live finale, having been disqualified. Knowing her character makes her difficult to watch, and I can’t wait to see Lee Dawson’s RuCaps in which she will be forcibly removed.

In terms of predictions, I think season 12’s cast is impressive with its seriously talented queens, and it’s difficult to judge, especially compared to recent, slightly disappointing seasons. However, I’m keeping an eye on my fashion favourites Gigi and Nicky, and I also believe Jan’s intense ambition makes her a front runner. 

Credit: Ru Perl, Youtube

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