Review: Earl Sweatshirt- 'Feet of Clay'

Music Editor Dominic Lee reviews experimental rapper Earl Sweatshirt's latest EP.

Dominic Lee
18th November 2019

The unmistakeable flow of Earl Sweatshirt’s lyrics is a style which has changed very little over the course of his career, giving the rapper a signature style which few can match. ‘Feet of Clay’ sees Earl loosen up this style slightly delivering verses at a higher tempo, whilst still delivering the same emotion with each bar. The EP is a short one at just 7 songs delivered in 15 minutes, meaning it is unlikely to reach the heights of his previous releases but still has significance in his discography.

Lyrically, Earl delves deeper into his psyche, possibly revealing more about himself than on previous releases. Particularly on TISK TISK/COOKIES, the rapper rhymes about how much he misses his father and how the loss is affecting him and making him question himself and his future.

EL TORO COMBO MEAL is another highlight on the album, drawing influences from soul music while Earl further draws upon the impact that his fathers’ death has had on him

In comparison to ‘Some Rap Songs’, Earl’s latest EP sees him move from lo-fi instrumentals to a slightly cleaner sound. The production as always is superb, with a combination of traditional instruments such as pianos and accordions and electronic sounds. Instrumentally, ‘Feet of Clay’ heavily draws on the New York rap scene and with this combination of instruments, it may offer a glimpse into hip-hop’s past and its future.

By no means a perfect release, ‘Feet of Clay’ still delivers in all of the important areas that Earl’s work is known for and may act as the perfect transition piece into another era-defining album.

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