Review: Editors, Northumbria Institute - Oct 11th 2018

Callum O'Callaghan reviews the "20-song masterclass" that was Editors' gig at Northumbria Institute...

Callum O'Callaghan
28th November 2018
Editors - image credit: Rama @ Wikimedia Commons

On Thursday evening, Editors rolled into town and made it apparently clear why they’ve outlasted so many of their peers from the noughties indie days. However, to label them as merely an ‘indie’ band would be doing them a disservice. Their constantly evolving sound defies any specific genre categorisation - undoubtedly a factor in their longevity. Initially hailing out of the post-punk revival, their sixth studio album, Violence, motions in an electronic-driven record.

It was the band’s ability to merge the past with the present so brilliantly that made this such a memorable event. Opening with ‘The Boxer’ off third album ‘In This Light and On This Evening’, Northumbria Institute was shrouded in darkness with just the constant flicker of strobes for lighting, creating an eerie atmosphere. This set the tone for a set that was complimented brilliantly by a wide-ranging light display which perfectly encapsulated the tone for each song.

With such a varied back catalogue, Editors were fully able to demonstrate their skillset with rawer moments coming in the form of ‘Nothingness’ while ‘Papillion’, with its vigorous riffs and explosive energy, took things to the other end of the scales - bordering on a dance like anthem.

When frontman Tom Smith wasn’t sauntering across stage throwing out dad-like dance moves to go along with his perfect vocals, strong electro-charged instrumentals kept the audience captivated throughout. His chilling yet passionate vocals strike the perfect balance between power and elegance, keeping your gaze firmly fixed on him. Together, they demonstrated how to perfectly put together a set list, conjuring up the perfect atmosphere through an ideal mix of new and old on top of perfectly timed tempo changes.

With the sheer amount of material at their disposal, and quality material at that, it was no surprise that they were able to deliver a 20-song masterclass. This - coupled with their impressive light show, well-finessed set and ranging sound - should also be an indication into how arena-ready they really are.

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