Review: Hit the North 2019- Fever Days

Sian Dickie reviews the performance of local starlets Fever Days...

Sian Dickie
14th May 2019
Image- Charlotte Boulton

Hit The North featured bands from all corners of the world this year but there’s nothing better than seeing local talent Fever Days hit the stage at the New Bridge Street Hotel. Formed in Newcastle, the group, drew a decent crowd for the small function room - one could argue that the band deserved a bigger arena for next year’s festival. However, location aside, there was a sense of anticipation for the four piece who have been building a steady fanbase in the North East.

Overall the band was very energetic and had a wavy, indie pop sound. For a band who sings about social media fakery it was very ironic to see the aesthetics of their ‘brand’ take precedence over their performance. However, the band was spirited in their approach, playing one song immediately after the other which created a blended, party-like vibe. Compared to other bands who played Hit The North, Fever Days seemed to put the most effort in creating an entertaining set.

Fever Days were very energetic and had a wavy, indie pop sound.

They played their most popular and recent hits such as ‘I See Through It’ and ‘What’s Your Problem’. ‘What’s Your Problem’, the song that everyone in the room seemed most familiar with, was upbeat in tone and showed the bands ‘indie’ credentials. However, the backing vocals at the end were rather high-pitched and disconcerting, removing the promising vibe created earlier on in the track.

While Fever Days are fun to see live it does seem like the band relies a lot on artificial, computerised sounds in order to produce a hit. Despite this, their song ‘Drugs’ was a welcomed edition to the set, as it seemed more authentic in composition. It could be argued that the pretentiousness of their aesthetics gets in the way of the highly talented band.

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