Review: Hubie Halloween (12)

Arnojya Shree reviews Adam Sandler's latest Netflix offering

Arnojya Shree
18th October 2020
Image Credit: IMDb
Gone are the days when we used to get scary Halloween specials featuring violence, grotesque aesthetics and evil witches thirsting for power!

Well, that's the first impression I got from Hubie Halloween anyway. Adam Sandler's new Netflix original is in complete contrast from the last time everyone saw him on the screen in Uncut Gems (2019). But this Sandler feature is just as entertaining, if in a different shade. 

Image Credit: IMDb

The story starts with a loud-thundering night as we discover that a certain Mr Loon E. Toones has runoff from a maximum security facility. Soon after, we are thrust into a bright and cheerful Salem, where a helmet-clad Hubie driving through the town welcomes us on his bike. It's the night of 31st, and the story follows Hubie going around the neighbourhood ensuring the safety of the townfolks as he dodges through the mean pranks he falls victim to. However, very suspicious abductions take place in the dead of the night, leaving Hubie a suspect. 

Sandler has dedicated the film to Cameron Boyce (Jessie, Descendants), who was cast in the movie and died two days after he was supposed to start shooting.

Filled with teenagers and bullies acting like teenagers, the film has a very youthful vibe.

Directed by Steven Brill (Walk of Shame, The Do-Over) and produced by Adam Sandler, Hubie has a very gentle core which preaches the power of kindness, and how an act of cruelty is merely a reflection of people's criticism about their own selves. Filled with teenagers and bullies acting like teenagers, the film has a very youthful vibe. Moreover, through the fantastical characters of Walter Lambert (Steve Buscemi) and Richie Hartman (Rob Schneider), the film advocates the importance of friendship and loyalty as well.

Central to the story, Sandler's Hubie rises as a symbol of "hero", asserted quite accurately by Violet Valentine. This heroism has less to do with physical superhuman capabilities and more about the courage, truth and compassion in the heart. In this unique take on Halloween, the ugly and scary trope is the bullying and hate-filled attitude of the villains who look like you and me, but intentionally hurt those who are different than them. In a world growing increasingly divided day-by-day, Hubie Halloween represents the right sentiments with a few laughs sprinkled along the way. 

Rating: 3/5

Feature image credit: IMDb

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