Review: Immortals Fenyx Rising

Michael Duckworth reviews the Greek mythology inspired game

Michael Duckworth
10th December 2020
Ubisoft's new Greek mythology-inspired open world RPG Immortals Fenyx Rising has landed, released on almost every platform including next gen consoles. Immortals is full to the brim with charm and wit, with an almost endless amount of Greek myth themed jokes and puns. The game is narrated by Zeus and the imprisoned Prometheus, they place their bets on whether the mortal Fenyx can defeat the Titan who escaped Zeus' imprisonment, Typhon.

The game begins as you wash up onto the shore of The Golden Isles, the homeland of the Gods. With your brother and crewmates mysteriously turned to stone, you set out into the bright and colourful landscape to find a way to get them back. Then after teaming up with the messenger God Hermes, he tasks you with travelling to all corners of the island to reunite four iconic members of the pantheon with their essence and return them to the Hall of the Gods. Where the game excels, more than any other area, is the writing and world building, the writer Jeffrey Yohalem clearly did his research on Ancient Greece and it's mythology. The references, jokes and attention to detail is astounding and demonstrates a real passion for the source material.

Despite its flaws, Immortals is still an incredibly fun game that keeps you gripped with a satisfying gameplay loop of exploration, collection and growth.

It's hard to write about this game without discussing the obvious inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, from the focus on exploration through climbing and gliding, to the quartet of divine beings to be hunted down and restored in order to fight a red glowing boss who lurks in the centre of the map. In a lot of ways Zelda accomplished this idea to much greater success than Immortals, the climbing, the graphics and aesthetics as well as the progression feel much more natural and smooth in BOTW. In fact many times I found myself wishing I was playing Zelda instead, particularly when getting stuck while climbing or getting confused over the convoluted UI.

One of my biggest gripes is the map, not only are a few button presses too many needed to access it, but the overly detailed landscape and icons create a confusing cacophony of bright saturated colour that make it incredibly difficult to recognise anything on it.

Despite its flaws, Immortals is still an incredibly fun game that keeps you gripped with a satisfying gameplay loop of exploration, collection and growth. Any fan of Greek Myths or indeed any fan of open world RPG's in general would enjoy this game immensely. Sure, it's no masterpiece like Breath of the Wild, but it exudes humour and silly charm in the most captivating way, making it something definitely worth sinking your time into over the holiday period

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