Review: Jollibee at Newcastle

Jollibee has finally opened in Newcastle, but is it worth the hype?

Amy Haslam
22nd November 2021
Jollibee/ Image: Instagram (@jollibeeuk)
Jollibee, the Filipino fast food chain has recently opened here in Newcastle. Since its opening people have been queuing in the hundreds to get their hands on some Filipino fried chicken, burgers and spaghetti. So, I decided to go and investigate myself whether it is was genuinely worth the hype.

Once I was in, the decor seemed trendy, plus the signature bee mascot is everywhere. As fast food mascots go, he's a lot less terrifying than the clown Ronald McDonald and a lot cuter than the old bloke from KFC, who was almost certainly a racist (look it up).

I ordered my meal; the Chickenjoy chicken was exceptionally crispy, making an audible crunch in your mouth like a cartoon sound effect. It was a pork scratching level crunch. The flavour isn't as strong as KFC’s ‘11 secret herbs and spices’ but I like that - they can keep their easily googleable ‘secret’ herbs. It has enough going on without all that. Not overly greasy either.  This was the best part and 100% the main attraction.  One slight note of criticism was the ease of finding napkins from within the establishment. During my man-handling of the chicken, my friend had to get out his man sized tissues he stores in his backpack.

It was good and perhaps fits into the category of foods you might have a bizarre pregnancy craving for. 

Next was the Jolly Spaghetti, perfect for any lady and the tramp moment. This part of the meal was what I was most excited for;  somehow sweet like ketchup and also salty with hotdog to cut through. It was good and perhaps fits into the category of foods you might have a bizarre pregnancy craving for. 

I also tried the gravy which was a little thin, but had a lovely savoury curry sauce-like aftertaste. I just wish it was thicker and had more body to it. I'm not asking them to simmer gravy overnight, but it gives me the same vibe as what you end up with when you go rogue on the instructions of a Bisto packet.

Image: Amy Haslam Van de Wyer

The Yumburger with cheese tasted really good but the patty was lost in the enormous bun. It also cost around 3 pounds - which for a small burger that is mostly bun feels a little overpriced. No fast food meal is complete without the might fries. If you think McDonald’s fries are salty, then these fries are like Salt bae himself stood over them sprinkling for about 2 hours. Other than that they were standard and quite crispy. Finally to wash all this deliciousness I had Jollibee's pineapple juice, which was so refreshing and had just the perfect amount of sour. Definitely the best pineapple juice i've ever had, why doesn't everywhere do pineapple juice?! It's much better than sprite. It was like the holy water saving me from the amount of salt I was consuming. 

I'm definitely glad I tried Jollibee, the chicken and spaghetti have indeed live up to the hype. I'm not sure if I can honestly say I'd choose it over a McDonalds, but I'd certainly return for the pineapple juice, or to take an Italian there to try a new spaghetti experience. 

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