Review: Long Shot

Bianca Lonici reviews recent romcom Long Shot

Bianca Ionici
27th May 2019
Image: YouTube

My first thought upon seeing Long Shot’s casting was, “Charlize Theron in a romcom? - 2019 sure is odd”. On the other hand, Seth Rogen’s co-starring in this type of film came to the surprise of, well, no one. Rogen is no stranger to being typecast as the goofy yet somehow charming, dad bod-having leading man with the ability to woo all the ladies deemed to be miles out of his league. Long Shot is no different.

Jonathan Levine’s newest production sees Rogen play the role of Fred Flarsky, a recently fired journalist who is far too outspoken for his own good. To cheer him up, his best friend takes him to a party where, surprise, surprise, his first crush and current Secretary of State and presidential candidate Charlotte Field (played by Theron) is coincidentally also in attendance. After a characteristic outburst sees Fred land at Boyz II Men’s feet ensuing his virality, Charlotte makes the controversial decision to hire him as her speechwriter for her upcoming world tour. Aboard a private jet, the tour takes the pair along with Charlotte’s entourage to far-flung places and after a particularly terrifying incident, the relationship between the two predictably becomes more intimate. The rest of the film depicts the struggle of a supremely influential and powerful woman to reconcile her career aspirations with her romantic feelings, all while in the limelight of the entire world.

A welcome challenger to other romcoms and makes for perfect viewing to wind down during the exam period.

Although as it progresses the film becomes more and more predictable and is overly saccharine in certain parts, it is not typical of most romcoms. Seeing a woman’s unwavering ambition to reach the highest echelon in the US’s political arena was heartening, especially considering the current political climate, with 2020’s elections happening in a little over 500 days.

Long Shot is not a groundbreaking feat of scriptwriting or cinematography but is nonetheless a welcome challenger to other romcoms and makes for perfect viewing to wind down during the exam period.

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