Review: Master Wang Noodle

For flavourful noodles close to campus, Master Wang Noodle has everything you're looking for.

Elizabeth Meade
20th February 2022
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Is there anything better than a warm bowl of noodles on a rainy night? While that's up for debate, what's for certain is that if you are looking for a warm bowl of noodles, Master Wang Noodle provides just that, right by campus.

Close to the Civic Centre and the Northumbria campus, Master Wang Noodle has a relatively small menu with great quality. From spicy noodle soups to classics like ma po tofu on rice, they have a bit of everything. They specialize in traditional Chinese handmade noodles. While I'm not an expert on this culinary style or the best restaurants that offer these types of dishes, as a casual noodle fan I am very satisfied with what I've ordered.

I've been here twice, and most recently ordered the Chongqing spicy noodles and meat dumplings in chilli sauce. I was not disappointed! The dumplings are the perfect starter, bursting with flavour. (They do come with a lot of sauce so if you prefer your dumplings plain, you might not like them as much.) The chilli oil is hot, spicy and vinegary, adding a burst of flavour. Overall, the dish is filling and doesn't leave me feeling unsatisfied and wanting more--the serving size is ideal.

The Chongqing spicy noodles are incredible as well. If you like long, homemade noodles in spicy sauce, this is the place to go. Again, the recipe doesn't compromise any flavour--it's intense and satisfies those late-night, rainy-weather cravings for something filling. It does get very hot, though! As a fan of anything hot and spicy, I'm impressed.

For something a bit less hot, I ordered the scallion pancake. Composed of fried dough with green onion, this is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. I tried dipping it in different things but I think it ultimately tastes best on its own. I also tried the hot and spicy dry noodle, which was one of those simple dishes you can't go wrong with. Ultimately, I appreciate a restaurant that can do a range of things well.

Master Wang Noodle also offers an impressive array of beef options in noodle soup, including tripe, tendon, flank and ribs. I haven't tried the soup yet, but as someone with some strong beef opinions, this will make it easy to get a soup I'm happy with if I so choose.

I recommend this restaurant to anyone with an interest in spicy food, noodles, soup or Chinese cuisine in general.

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AUTHOR: Elizabeth Meade
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