Review: Nina Nesbitt- The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change

Caitlin Disken reviews the sophomore album from Nina Nesbitt.

Caitlin Disken
25th February 2019
Image- Instagram- @ninanesbitt

As somebody who’s been a Nina Nesbitt fan since the release of her debut album Peroxide in 2014, I waited for the release of her latest album The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change excitedly yet apprehensively. From the few singles she had released prior to the album, such as ‘The Moments I’m Missing’, it was clear that Nesbitt was attempting a Taylor Swift-esque move from upbeat teenage pop to an older, wiser and sassier blend of pop and R&B. It’s a shift not many can manage, as Nesbitt risked losing the innocent charm she’d employed in her earlier music.

Nesbitt has succeeded in creating an album where every song is good


To my relief, she’s pulled it off. Her earlier style hasn’t completely faded, and is still apparent in songs such as the incredibly catchy ‘Loyal To Me.’ When I went to see Nesbitt back in 2014, she was rarely onstage without her guitar, so it’s nice to see the guitar’s influence throughout the song. ‘Somebody Special’ is another track which sits at the crossroads between Nesbitt’s two styles, with the chorus really showing how much Nesbitt has developed as an artist in recent years.

The album works as it is essentially split into two contrasting parts. The first half is packed with catchy chart hits, with the exceptional ‘The Best You Had’ sure to be a crowd pleaser. The second half of the album, however, fades to softer ballads. The lovely ‘Last December’ showcases Nesbitt’s beautiful voice, with the album ending on a high with the emotionally-charged ‘The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change.’

Second albums are often where artists fall flat, especially if they’re mixing up their style. Yet Nesbitt has succeeded in creating an album where every song is good. The only small criticism I have is that the album version of ‘The Moments I’m Missing’, cuts out Goody Grace’s verse, meaning the song loses some of its original appeal. Overall, however, this is an exceptional album.

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