Review: Taskmaster

Jacob Clarke reviews the latest series of Greg Davies' hilarious Taskmaster...

Jacob Clarke
31st May 2019
Image- YouTube

Taskmaster season eight has started with fresh new competitors and the same old mad taskmaster Greg Davies is ready to put these comedians and celebrities through new ridiculous and embarrassing challenges with his assistant ‘little Alex Horne’.

Though this series could be considered to have some lesser known contestants compared to previous series which boasted the likes of Frank Skinner and Noel Fielding, the line-up has a surprising connection and seem to work really well.

This time we are joined by Ian Stirling (A Dog Ate My Homework) delivering entertaining rants about minute rules that the other contestants break with little to no avail. We are also joined by Greg Davies’ former inbetweeners co-star Joe Thomas and Chaser Paul Sinha.

It sounds ridiculous but as usual Taskmaster makes it hilarious.

The real stand out stars of this series so far are Sian Gibson and Lou Sanders as both women add real fun and charming humour to the series. One example is Sian Gibson wanting to carry on the challenge even when it was over because it was fun, and she wanted to ‘keep playing’.

The tasks themselves also continue to be as random and ridiculous as ever. For the prize task, contestants each have to bring in an item meeting a particular brief and the winner of the overall episode takes each item home as a prize. For this episode, the brief was to bring in an item with the best smell, which one celebrity interpreted loosely bringing in a literally toxic object. Another task if the episode saw contestants having to sneak up to Alex on a bridge in a large train yard without being seen. It sounds ridiculous but as usual Taskmaster makes it hilarious.

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