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Charlotte Cooper checks out the latest Apprentice episode...

Charlotte Cooper
15th October 2018
Credit: YouTube

The Apprentice returned to BBC One on Wednesday evening for the 14th series where sixteen candidates will battle it out over twelve weeks for the chance to win a £250,000 investment with Lord Sugar.

Week one saw the popular nine-item task set in Malta. Each team (boys vs. girls) had to identify nine items on a list and purchase them for as little cost as possible. The show started off in the typical fashion, with each team selecting a project manager. As always, no one wants to go first and be sent home in the humiliation during the first week. On the boy’s team, Kayode Damali, 26, was more than happy to take on the role in his ‘winning’ speech about being “one team, one family”. Over on the girl’s team, Jackie Fast nominated Jasmine Kundra for the position too quickly causing her to appear suspicious of game-playing.

[pullquote]Whilst being allegedly business savvy, the show really wouldn’t be what it is without the overconfident and frankly unbearable contestants.[/pullquote]

The boys took to speed on identifying the items calling local tourist boards to ask for some identification whilst the girls argued and time-wasted about who was doing what. Eventually, sub-team leader Sian took half of the girls to the local markets whilst PM Jasmine headed to the island of Gozo. Business big shot Alan Sugar is no and doesn’t hand them the answers on a plate, instead he asks for some of the most obscure items like a piece of diving equipment which the boys thought the name ‘octopus’ meant the sea animal.

After a long and grueling day in Malta both teams headed back to the airport for the board meeting. Each team collected seven out of the nine items but it seemed almost likely that the girls would be fined for turning up late to the airport. The boys spent 120 euros on purchases but with the wrong item (the octopus) and only two out of six bottles of wine, they had a totally cost of €764.68. The girls were also penalised for buying two of the same products which has never been seen in this challenge before. The total fine was for €738.48 and the overall expense came to €929.48.
With the aim of the game being to spend the least amount of money, the boys came out on top and were treated to a Maltese feast curtesy of top chef David Darmanin.

Every year they decide to elect some rather quirky characters for the show. Whilst being allegedly business savvy, the show really wouldn’t be what it is without the overconfident and frankly unbearable contestants. Week one’s Project manager, Kayode, who after winning this weeks task said that he was more than 100% confident in himself and that he was now “more Hungary than Budapest”. On the losing team it was Sarah Byrne who ultimately headed out the door for after admitting to being disruptive.

Lord Sugar described that her impatient and argumentative attitude wasn’t fit for this partnership. Byrne claimed to be northern and working-class and in arguments with Jasmine commenting “oh I’m so sorry I’m not middle class and I’m not posh” which I’m sure isn’t the outlook Alan Sugar, self-made billionaire, would have wanted to hear being from a working-class family himself.

Now only 15 candidates remain and the search for Lord Sugar’s next business partner continues…

The Apprentice airs Wednesday at 9PM on BBC One

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