Review: Two Man Show

Carys Thomas reviews Two Man Show at Northern Stage.

Carys Rose Thomas
17th October 2016

All I was told about ‘Two Man Show’ before I went to see it was *WARNING*: contains strong language, nudity and feminism.

The show immediately sounded right up my street. However, I had no way of knowing just how brilliant a performance it would be. The show explored ideas of masculinity and patriarchy in a way that was both hysterically fun whilst also being very eye-opening at times.

The main storyline centred around two brothers Dan and John, played by Abbi Greenland and Helen Goalen. It was refreshing to see a portrayal of masculinity by two women given how often we have men’s portrayal of femininity shoved in our faces. I say two women - but really, ‘Two Man Show’ was a three woman show. The music provided by Becky Wilkie was such an essential part of the piece because - as RashDash say about the show themselves - the music and dance in the show make up for the fact that they “want to talk about masculinity and patriarchy but the words that exist aren’t good enough”.

As someone who can’t even touch their own toes, I was memorised by the physical capabilities of the two actresses. They moved with absolute precision and paired graceful flowing movements with explosive high-energy ones in a way that made the two vastly contrasting styles of dance fit together perfectly. I whole-heartedly agree with their idea that there are some things that cannot be communicated with words and their dances definitely did all the “talking” that words did not allow for.

What really resonated with me about ‘Two Man Show’ was how inspiring it was to see such a talented trio of women conveying a passionately feminist message that I found so relatable, without making the piece too weighed down by the heavy topics it dealt with. It was light-hearted and hard-hitting, hilarious and heart-wrenching all at once. I’d definitely recommend you look out for other shows of RashDash’s in the future.

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