Revision Playlist: Craig Armstrong- Hotel Sayre

Toby Bryant recommends Hotel Sayre by Craig Armstrong for your revision playlist.

Toby Bryant
30th May 2019
Image- Flickr (Playstation Europe)

As a big music fan, I’m guilty of just listening to my favourite tracks while working and getting incredibly distracted while doing so. A lot of people buy into the idea that music without lyrics is the best for revising and, whilst I do usually ignore that idea, it is a rule I obey when particularly under the cosh.

Movie soundtracks are usually gold for chilled, lyric-less revision ‘bangers’. I usually turn to Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 The Great Gatsby for that and, pressed to pick one track, it would be ‘Hotel Sayre’ - although you’re onto a winner by shuffling the whole score (which is available on Spotify).

Featuring in the film as the camera pans over the bay between West and East Egg, showing the Gatsby and Buchannan mansions in all their grandeur, it’s a soaring orchestral offering that will carry you to a 1st in your dissertation. Featuring brief clips of Lana Del Rey’s vocals from ‘Young and Beautiful’ to ensure you don’t drift off, it’s the perfect blend for revision bop gold.

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