Road trips: rate the American ritual

Avoid crowds, queues and strangers - travel on yur own terms!

Zahra Hanif
28th February 2023

When you fly somewhere, more often than not, you’ll be crammed in between strangers after hours in an airport - queueing, security and all - stuck in that little seat for hours while you try to nod off to pass the time. Driving, or being driven, is a much more liberating experience. A road trip means you have the comfort of being able to stretch your legs, being able to take a break whenever you feel, and being surrounded by your friends and family, where you can chat for hours on end without feeling awkward about the people around you. 

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This isn’t even to mention one of the best parts - the scenery. While on an aeroplane, you can be pretty limited for views unless you have the much sought-after window seat, while a road trip means you, and all of your fellow passengers, get to take in all of your surrounding landscape from start to end. The journey becomes just as gratifying as the destination. 

While often deemed ‘the American ritual’, this is not to say that the practice of road tripping has no potential here in the UK - in fact places such as Scotland and the Lake District boast some of the most beautiful green routes. We have the added benefit of being a much smaller country as well, meaning that you could get from one side of the country to the other in less than a day, all while not having to stress about how heavy your suitcase is. So, next time you take a trip, consider doing it by car for a much more freeing and memorable experience!

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AUTHOR: Zahra Hanif
English literature student :)

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