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This section is for writers to articulate their views on a certain topic, good or bad. This week, the comments are autumnal themed!

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20th October 2021

Roast: The Flu

Ever been sat in a lecture while someone behind you could simply NOT stop coughing? We’ve all been going through that lately. Whether you’re been the victim or the observer, you just know how bad it is. Having to drag yourself out of bed every single morning, head throbbing, mouth dry, throat rougher than a horse rally racecourse, you really do begin to question whether it’s worth walking through the cold and damp alleys of Newcastle to get to that 10am lecture (the nine grand a year tuition would say yes – it is).

Despite the luck we’ve had with public spaces opening and in-person mingling being allowed, I’d say this one drawback hit us pretty hard during this year’s freshers, and it seems it may go on for a while more as the weather gradually becomes more chaotically autumnal. Screw you, flu, and good luck to everyone battling it.

Alexantra Theodosiou

Toast: Fall Vegetable Soup

Fall has finally hit and once again the soil is rich and full of delicious nutrient parcels (also known as vegetables). What is the best thing to do with vegetables? Make a scrumptious seasonal soup! Pumpkin, parsnips, butternut squash and swede - to name a few - will give you a meal so sweet you’ll be praising the dirt they grew into with the highest compliments.

A drizzle of olive oil, a stock cube and some water to add your vegetables into and not only will you have one of the absolute easiest meals to make, but one that will keep you full and satisfied. Soup has become a very underrated meal considering all its positive elements and I strongly hope it’s given another chance, as it is a perfect student meal. Easy, delicious, healthy (and not to mention the quantity you get for such low effort), soup deserves a toast this week!

Alexantra Theodosiou

Soapbox: Staying in is for life, not just for Autumn

Autumn is the season typically associated with staying inside with a warm cup of your hot drink of choice, cuddling with loved ones and maybe watching a film. Seems like the ideal way to spend time doesn't it? Then why don't we idealise it at all times of year, only in Autumn when the weather typically sucks?!?

"Come on outside, the weather is lovely!" is a phrase often heard in Spring and Summer. Why is sitting inside suddenly shamed by those who would never leave the house in the colder months?!? Perhaps I don't want to go outside and get sunburnt, or shiver when the wind begins to pick up and no shelter is in sight. If you truly want to go outside to sit in the sun then by all means go ahead, but leave me to my hot chocolate and film, no matter the time of year.

Emily Kelso

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