Rockstar Unveils New Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer

Meet Morgan, Arthur Morgan.

Adam Speight
2nd October 2017

After a not so subtle tease that something cowboy related would be heading our way on the 28th of this month, Rockstar finally gave eager onlookers what they wanted. Fans have been ready to explode with anticipation since Red Dead Redemption II was announced several months ago, with it having been seven years now since the last expansion for Red Dead Redemption was released. Thankfully, the reveal did not disappoint.

Coming in at just over a minute long, this new trailer finally provides hints as to what the story may entail as well as a short introduction to the new protagonist, Arthur Morgan. Morgan is a member of the Van Der Linde gang, a highly wanted group who have been stealing and gunslinging their way across the west to outrun the law and survive.

Mind-blowing action abounds with explosions, interrogations and bar fights featuring prominently. The fast-paced action looks breathtaking and it comes with a dose of visually stunning landscapes on the side. Both these factors reaffirm that RDRII is set to be Rockstar’s most visually stunning game yet.

Interspersed amongst the furious gun slinging, several potential gameplay features make an appearance. There are dual-wield pistols, alligator fights and even the use of a bow and arrow. Most excitingly, it seems likely that the game will feature fully-fledged train robberies. A feature that could create phenomenal and heart-pounding set pieces.

Beyond revealing the star of the show, the trailer doesn’t reveal a whole lot of detail and this has seemingly left fans with plenty of energy to speculate how the previous series protagonist, John Marston, and his gang may relate to our new hero’s tale. But it won’t be until the game’s scheduled release date of Spring 2018 that all will be revealed.

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