Romantic recommendations with a twist

Sophie Wilson explores romantic city breaks for you and your significant other to enjoy, after the pandemic

Sophie Wilson
14th February 2021
Have you been stuck inside with your loved one for far too long? Have you had enough of staring at the same four walls, longing for a shared adventure that you and your other half can embark on together? 

Well, this is no fleeting sales pitch that will tell you to “Jab and go!”, but instead it is five romantic places that I genuinely think couples will enjoy. 


One of my all-time favourite cities, this is a perfect place for both relaxing with your partner and for exploring. If I was to recommend one activity it would have to be the river cruise. Sailing along the river-bank in a canal boat as you float by Charles Bridge, the soft breeze and beautiful sites will swipe you up into a frenzy of adoration for this place. 

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If I am going to be realistic here, the immanent future for travelling abroad does not look great here, so the rest of this list will be slightly different to normal, being places more easily accessible as they are in the UK. So, why Oxford? Punting is the ultimate romantic trip. Take a trip in your own boat and meander along this city. I think this slow paced activity, that strips back a relationship to the two most important elements, could be a perfect choice. 


Do not want to be accused of university favouritism amongst the fierce rivalry, so keeping things fair here. 

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Nestled in the heart of the lakes, fell walking may take you by surprise. Climb up Coniston Old Man to see the sunrise with your loved one, have a cup of coffee and then descend back into the lovely quaint town for breakfast and a look around. Not everywhere has to be a big city to be romantic!

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