Rumour: Horizon: Zero Dawn may be following Death Stranding to PC

Stacey Henley reports on the potential release of a PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Stacey Henley
6th February 2020
The 2017 PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn could be set to port over to the PC. We know that Death Stranding is due to make the jump from console to PC in early summer, but it would still be a big step for Horizon: Zero Dawn to follow suit. 

Death Stranding has had the experience of changing from a PS4 exclusive to join Google Stadia just before release, but Horizon has remained PlayStation only, setting  Aloy on her way to becoming a modern Sony icon. Sony has been far less willing to embrace cross-play or join forces with PC in the way rivals Microsoft has; could this be them testing the waters?

Well, according to Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier, “three people familiar with Sony’s plans” have confirmed this.

As analyst Mat Piscatella has smartly pointed out, the future of video games lies in ecosystems, not platforms. Sony’s biggest competitor, Microsoft, has been more upfront about its platform-agnostic strategy, with Xbox boss Phil Spencer talking frequently about wanting to get their games in as many hands as possible.

Jason Schreier

Its clear Horizon is an important game for PlayStation and, if it did make the jump, it would be Sony’s only first-party game to do so.

Three years is a long time in gaming, and with Horizon readily available for around £15 on the preowned market, a PC release is not going to cut into Sony’s profits. It could be the perfect game to test the PC market and a slightly new direction more open to collaboration.

Do you want to see Horizon on PC? What other PlayStation games should make the leap? Let us know in the comments below!

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AUTHOR: Stacey Henley
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