Ruvealing Drag Race UK

Ellie Pidgeon offers her views on the upcoming UK version of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Ellie Pidgeon
9th October 2019
The time has come for you to... watch Drag Race UK! Finally, after years of waiting, RuPaul’s Drag Race is finally receiving a British makeover. Cue the bad tans and British slang!

All of the queens in the lineup all bring something different, and their looks range from stereotypical 'British Drag' to the more recent conceptual drag. Baga Chipz screams British culture with her Kat Slater inspired entrance look. Also, embodying Kat Slater? Vinegar Strokes with her iconic entrance that puts all the American Drag Race entrances to shame. Blu Hydrangea, the self proclaimed GCSE art project, will certainly inject colour into the line up with her out of the box makeup skills. However, she isn't alone as Gothy Kendoll, Scaredy Cat and Crystal all radiate creativity and uniqueness, heightening the competition. Divina Del Campo, Sum Ting Wong and The Vivienne also share strengths that lie in the region of campy, 'British drag'. Cheryl Hole, however, relies on authentic Essex realness, and so it will be interesting to witness the contrast of these different strands of drag.

What I'm most excited for, however, is the infamous Snatch Game. Some of the queens alluded to possible personas they could take in this Drag Race version of 'Match Game' and for once, I might actually recognise at least some of the characters!

But beneath the lace-front wigs, the makeup, and the runway outfits, RuPaul's Drag Race is a show with community at its core. The show provides a comforting home for people throughout the world who are deemed weird or different due to society's ideals. So, during this time of disunity and political turmoil, Drag Race UK will hopefully provide us with a brighter outlook upon the world, and a couple of laughs along the way. Drag Race UK, shantay you stay!

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