Salty Stan Calvert statements

We compiled a list of everyone important, and Fraser Kennedy, Col Stromsoy, Sophie Matthews, and Emily Watkinson came top of that list. Here's their opinions leading up to Stan Calvert:

Lucy Brogden
20th February 2017
Buzzing: everyone seems to be excited for the chaos of the final day. Image: Northumbria Sport

We asked representatives from Northumbria and Newcastle about their thoughts on Stan Calvert:

Fraser Kennedy: Newcastle Performance Sport Manager

"It was great to see the basketball 1st teams go hammer and tong with each other in two great contests.  I hope to see this for all the other fixtures still to take place.  The event, although less teams and participants taking part than previous years, is still one that everyone looks forward to.  Team Newcastle have their work cut against a very strong Northumbria outfit but I have every faith that everyone representing Newcastle University in this competition will be doing their very best.  Good luck to all those competing and enjoy the matches"

Col Stromsoy: Northumbria Director of Sport

"The Stan Calvert Memorial Cup competition is without doubt one of the best varsity competitions in the country between two universities that have outstanding sport programmes which have got even better in recent years. Whilst in recent years Northumbria has been successful in retaining the Stan Calvert Cup, it is exceptionally close and I’m quite sure that this year will be no different. For our part we won’t be complacent. I have complete faith in our student athletes, our programme and culture and we will be doing everything possible to retain the Cup as it means so much to students and staff at both universities. As always I’m sure it will be played with the highest standards of sportsmanship and that all non-competing students will get behind their athletes in the right way respecting each other.’ I’m sure it will once again be a great competition and a privilege to be involved in."

Sophie Matthews: Newcastle AU Officer

"Team Newcastle have worked so hard throughout the season so far, and I know we’re up to the challenges all teams are going to face in their Stan Calvert games. The pressure is on Northumbria this year and their attempts to catch up to our 6 consecutive wins, and I’m sure Team Newcastle are going to give it all they’ve got to stop that happening. We’ve got some really great fixtures coming up like tennis, lacrosse, rowing, football, and the finale futsal. Stan Calvert really is the highlight of the sporting calendar throughout the year, and shows the solidarity of Team Newcastle. We all support each other, and I wish all competitors the best of luck, and remember you’ve got all of Team Newcastle and the AU backing you! This year, it’s ours!"

Emily Watkinson: Northumbria Student Sport President

"This year there’s already been questions about whether Team Northumbria are feeling any pressure with having the past 3 consecutive wins. I think this pressure is something we will thrive on and actually will help alleviate any potential complacency…we have to earn the win! We have already had a great start to the competition and there are so many exciting fixtures still to play. Some fixtures I’m personally looking forward to are athletics, water polo, men’s lacrosse, and of course the futsal finale. This event is one of the highlights of the year for the students and it really brings the teams together. It’s great to see so much support for each other and gives people the opportunity to watch sports they wouldn’t normally watch. Our teams know their job and I am confident we can bring the Cup home again this year!"

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