Santa's Shopping Sorted

Christmas is the season for giving so your Lifestyle Editors are here to help you navigate through the minefield that is Secret Santa without any awkward fake ‘thaaanks’

14th December 2015

Under £2 Gifts

Christmas Moustache Mug: £1 Poundland

THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING BAD OR QUESTIONABLE ABOUT THIS MUG. It has incorporated the biggest trend of 2015, namely witty talking moustaches, and has a festive spin because said moustache is laughing in a Santa-esque way. To top it all off, the words change colour when hot liquid is added. It’s almost too much to handle. Enough said. Buy the mug.   

Chocolate Santa: £1 Poundland

Everyone loves chocolate and Christmas is he perfect time to indulge that little bit more. With all the other meals, treats and chocolate flying around, an extra Santa (even though he is annoyingly purple) won’t add any inches to their waist. It’ll be appreciated at first until they realise it’s actually hollow and that you literally bought the most obvious present there is.

Emergency Phone Charger: £1 Poundland

Poundland market this as a ‘Christmas’ Phone Charger, purely on the basis that it is a rather fetching shade of Holly Red. However, it is a good idea for when you’re driving home for Christmas (shamelessly stealing a line from a popular song, cheers Chris Rea), stuck in traffic and you need to ring home to tell them to hold off on eating all the Celebrations til you return.

Under £5 gifts

Wooly Beanie: £3 Primark

It’s important to wrap up warm on the way to lectures and this beanie is the perfect gift, for boys or girls. You can splash out an extra few pounds for one with a bobble, or you could use your extra £2 to pad out the gift with some Poundland chocolate.

Mandala Colouring Book: £4.99 ASOS

Adult colouring book are becoming more and more popular this year so jump on the band wagon with this mandala edition. It’s perfect for those friends who tend to stress as colouring is meant be soothe the mind and soul.

Hardy’s Red Wine: £5 Tesco

For those booze lovers, treat them to a relatively decent brand of wine rather than the standard Blossom Hill and Lambrini. This is also a pretty easy present if you’re stuck with someone you don’t know too well... no student will turn down alcohol.

Under £10 gifts

Christmas Jumper Flask: £10 Topshop

Nothing is better than the ability to carry alcohol on your person at all times so give someone this amazing gift with this Christmas jumper flask. I’m not entirely sure why a flask needs a warming coat but it’s a nice festive touch to make your Secret Santa extra special and keep your whiskey toasty.

Nutella Recipe Book: £10 Topshop

Who knew that such a wide range of food could be made using Nutella? Well your friends could thanks to this amazing gift. Even though you know these recipes will probably be made with Tesco Value chocolate spread, the thought is still there. Think about the nice things that your friends can make with this. A gift to them is a gift to you too, and gift that’ll keep on giving.

Reindeer Hot Water Bottle: £10 Topshop

Winter in Newcastle doesn’t just mean Christmas. It also means crippling cold, a potential for frostbite or hypothermia and no money for heating. What better to combat these problems than a cute hot water bottle. It comes in various colours and patterns so there’s something for everyone.

Under £15 gifts

Fluffy Dog Slippers: £12.99 New Look

If your budget won’t quite stretch to a real furry friend then these slippers are the next best thing. Don’t let your friend get cold feet in the winter with a revolutionised update on your grandma’s favourite footwear. It’s like wearing your favourite cuddly toy, perhaps a more acceptable.

Make Your Own Christmas Jumper Kit: £15 Paperchase

The festive season just is not complete without a garish Christmas jumper and you can cater to all tastes with a make your own jumper set. Because no one has any thing better to do at this time of year than make a jumper...the essay can wait.

Thin Strap Watch: £14 ASOS

An analogue watch face?! What is this?! Allow your friend to go back to a time before phones with an out fashioned wrist watch. They’ll be so amazed by the novelty that they’ll almost forget that it actually a very useful device. And everyone knows that hipsters luurve a bit of vintage.

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