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Em Richardson discusses which items are worth spending your coin on.

Em Richardson
1st December 2019
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As a student, it can be hard to decide which purchases really warrant taking a chunk out of your student loan, and which ones can be bought for that little bit cheaper. I’m here to give you some guidance, with my top three ‘Save’ items, and my top three ‘Splurge’ items.
  1. Knitwear- Save

It can be tempting to fall into the trap of buying expensive knitwear, especially when it comes to jumpers. Winter in this country can be freezing (especially up here in Newcastle!), so, chances are, you’ll end up wearing a lot of knitwear. Instead of buying one or two expensive jumpers and wearing them all of the time, why not buy several cheaper sweaters?  For some affordable, unique knitwear, I’d recommend checking out some vintage clothing sales.

  • Jewellery- Save

If you’re looking for loud, statement jewellery, try buying several cheaper pieces, rather than one expensive piece. To me, the beauty of such jewellery is being able to wear several pieces at once, and to mix and match, so having several pieces available will likely prove useful.

Shirts- Save

Like with the items mentioned above, shirts, whether checked shirts or simple t-shirts, are items you’ll want to mix and match. Try buying several shirts in different styles and colours. This way, you can create a variety of outfits.

  • Denim- Spend

From jeans to jackets to dungarees, it’s always worth shelling out for good quality denim. Top quality denim both washes and fits well, and will last for years if you look after it properly.

  • Sunglasses- Spend

High quality sunglasses don’t just look good- they also protect your eyes from damaging UV light. A classic pair of sunglasses can be worn with many different outfits, and will never go out of style. In order to offer your eyes the best protection possible, ensure you always purchase polarised shades.

  • Boots- Spend

Decent quality leather boots are another item worth their high price. Your feet will thank you for a pair of well-fitted, weather resistant boots. A decent pair should last some time, and a classic pair of black boots will never go out of fashion. Personally, I’d recommend investing in a pair of Doc Martens.

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